Kronus euro standart pallet



尺寸: 800x1200x145 毫米
重量: 25.6 千克
容量: 2000 千克

Refurbished EPAL Pallets

To provide clients with high-quality refurbished pallets KRONUS ensures a full turnover of used pallets. The pick-up, a certified maintenance process and a fast delivery to the client. This service is provided for different types of pallets, meaning that our clients can benefit by choosing to use a cost-effective solution. Our previous experience shows that refurbished pallets are highly beneficial for small businesses. Yet large companies can save financial resources in long-term as well. The process of storage and transportation is not affected by refurbished pallets as client is provided only with durable pallets, gone through a certified maintenance.


维克托里加 维斯库勒/管理助理/克罗努斯

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