Kronus euro standart pallet

Euro pallets (EPAL)

One of the most modern product lines of euro pallets guarantees their compliance with all standards. KRONUS offers the collection and maintenance of used pallets as well.

Size: 800x1200x145 mm
Weight: 25.6 kg
Capacity: 2000 kg

Refurbished EPAL Pallets

To provide clients with high-quality refurbished pallets KRONUS ensures a full turnover of used pallets. The pick-up, a certified maintenance process and a fast delivery to the client. This service is provided for different types of pallets, meaning that our clients can benefit by choosing to use a cost-effective solution. Our previous experience shows that refurbished pallets are highly beneficial for small businesses. Yet large companies can save financial resources in long-term as well. The process of storage and transportation is not affected by refurbished pallets as client is provided only with durable pallets, gone through a certified maintenance.

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