Folded pallet collars are the most compact type of wooden packaging, saving 87% of space when storing and transporting empty packaging.

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Space Saving

When comparing pallet collars with wooden, plastic or metal boxes, we find that a significant advantage of a pallet collar is the compactness of this type of wooden packaging. This is one of the most important things to consider for companies that do not reuse packaging and have to store it in their warehouse or look for disposal or resale opportunities.

When folded, one pack of pallet collars can contain 108 product units. This means that you can save 87% of space.

Packaging: Returns and Refunds

Taking care of customer needs, KRONUS has developed the Buy-And-Sell Back service for repurchasing used pallets and collars, which saves up to 32% of costs. As part of this service, our company buys back unused pallet collars and takes them out of the client’s premises. Thus, the client will dispense with the necessity of storing unnecessary packaging and disposing of it while freeing up space in the warehouse and getting back part of the funds spent on packaging.