When it comes to doing work in a warehouse or somewhere in the transportation industry there are several factors that each and every one of us would like to turn our attentions on. Because these are the basic things that significantly influence the work that is done and therefore it is all related to the quality of the final result of the work.

And when looking at these different factors, one should always keep in mind that it is highly important to think about just how effective each of them will turn out to be in long term. We all understand that we are provided with several different solutions that allow us to do the work in such conditions. Whether it is something that is done in a warehouse or on the road. 

There are always some solutions used, that can ensure to us that those important factors are carried into effect. And even when there are some kind of difficulties in the working process, we will usually try to keep those problems aside so that the work can be done in one way or another. But that is not the way it should be.


For example, pallet collars. The one solution that is designed to help us do the work better. And this word – better – is something we will all remember after choosing to use this solution in our warehouse or to transport different goods.

It is so, because pallet collars can ensure several advantages to us if we compare this solution to the classic wooden boxes. Which as we all know is a solution that has been used widely for a long time. Yet it is clear to everyone that wooden boxes are not the kind of solution that fits within the storage and transportation industry of the modern world.

The conditions that the modern world we live in imposes on such industries are severe. There are more things to take into account than ever before. And that is exactly why it has become so important to find such solutions that would ensure effective working process in different conditions. And as you might now understand classic wooden boxes are not the kind of solution. Simply because there are several drawbacks to such packaging both in warehouses and when goods are transported.



Some might disagree with all of this. Yet there is no doubt that there are several benefits of pallet collars if we compare them to classic wooden boxes. And these benefits are the exact reasons that every warehouse owner or someone working with transportation of goods should take into account. Because these are the factors that significantly influence every aspect of the work that is done within the storage and transportation industry. And as we all know, effective work is what allows us to reduce costs in long term. Therefore these benefits that pallet collars can ensure to us are something that is worth considering.

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Of course it is sometimes hard to accept the fact that there are great alternatives to the solutions one is already using. It is so, because we know how to use the solution that we have been working with so far. There is always something that makes us question all of the changes. And that is good, because we have to be sure, that these new solutions can be truly helpful.

To understand all that when we are talking about pallet collars, we should simply compare them to classic wooden boxes in different situations. There is no doubt that after taking a better look at how some factors influence the process of executing different tasks, you will understand the overall benefits of pallet collars to classic wooden boxes. And you will definitely make the right decision when choosing pallet collars over wooden boxes. Especially when it comes to taking a look at the long term benefits that you will gain.

From which the greatest would be the possibility to reduce the costs and to increase profit, if all of the advantages that pallet collars give you are adopted to the work you do in just the right way.


So what are the most important things one should take a look at when pallet collars are compared to classic wooden boxes? Well, we know very well what are the basic factors that influence the work in storage and transportation industry. Therefore these are the things we should take into account. Yet to better understand the benefits of pallet collars to classic wooden boxes we should view three aspects that build up this whole industry. That should allow us to see exactly how pallet collars can benefit us in different situations.


Pallet collars are portrayed as a high quality solution for storage of different goods in warehouses. Therefore storage is the most important thing that we have to look at when comparing pallet collars to wooden boxes. Of course, wooden boxes allow to store different goods and can ensure safety. Yet pallet collars are suitable for storing more types of different products. 

And it is a lot more easy to adjust the size and height of the packaging that is formed from pallet collars. In some cases this ensures greater safety of the products. And of course, if there are only some products to be stored, there is no need to take place with a half empty box. You can simply use the amount of collars that are actually needed in every situation.

It is also easy and safe to store pallet collars in multi level, therefore less space on the ground is taken. Together with the possibly to use only the needed amount of packaging, this gives a chance to save a lot of space in the warehouse. Which is of course a highly important factor in this industry.

What is more, wooden boxes take away the free space of your warehouse even then, when there are no actual goods stored in them. Pallet collars on the other hand can be folded when they are not in use. And this is the one things that allows to save a lot of free space.

So we could say that pallet collars will allow you to optimise warehouse space.

And of course, that will allow you to bring a certain order in the way all products are stored, which makes it more easy for workers to do what they are supposed to do.

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The possibility to save space is even more important when it comes to transportation. Wooden boxes might be a good solution for transportation of some goods. Yet pallet collars are much more efficient. And it is a lot more effective to transport them when they are not in use. Because when it comes to transportation, all of the space that is saved is directly related to the possibility to reduce costs.

And because it is possibly to adjust the high of the packaging it is a lot more efficient to transport different types of products at one time. It can even be done within a single package that is made of pallet collars with the help of dividers.

So we can see that pallet collars just give us even more benefits if compared to classic wooden boxes. We could say here, that when pallet collars are used in a smart way, they will allow you to avoid the transportation of empty space.


And of course, when different packaging solutions are used, we do have to take a look at the possibilities to unload them. It is one of the factors that influences directly the way workers can do their job. For example, if there are some small boxes or other goods left in bottom of the classic wooden box, it is relatively hard to unload them. A worker needs to reach all the way down. And in a long term such movement could cause different problems while a lot of pressure is put on the workers back. It is also a question of safety at this point.

Pallet collars on the other hand allow you to slowly remove the them from the top the packaging when they are not needed. Which means that there is quick and easy access provided to the goods that are in the bottom of the packaging. Basically, there is no need for any kind of special equipment even when one person is doing all of the job. And in some specific situations this is highly important. Keep this in mind, because everybody working in the warehouse will appreciate this possibility. Workers of any warehouse will appreciate this and there is no doubt that it is all going to return to you in a form of productivity.

A lot more is going to be done in the same amount of time, which again means that costs will be reduced in long term. These are definitely the most important things when we are talking about the storage and transportation industry. And when we take a look at different situations it becomes completely clear that pallet collars are the kind of solution that you can benefit a lot from. Therefore you should consider using them in your warehouse as well. After some time of using them you will definitely understand that pallet collars are the number one packaging solution for warehouses and for transportation of different goods.

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One thing is clear, there are several specific situations in which pallet collars can come in handy and it is possible to do all of the work better. So when looking at pallet collars and comparing them to wooden boxes, what are the main benefits that come in mind? Well, first of all it is easy to work with them because they are easy and fast to assemble. And because they are so light weight there is easy handling provided to every worker.

Even more, when all of these factors work together we have a storage solutions that allows easy access to the goods that are stored here, which is also important. And the best thing about all of this is that there is only one person required to do the work. You don’t need to think about any specific equipment or anything like that. All that needs to be done can be done quickly by a single person. And of course, when you are not using pallet collars it is possible to save significant amount of space. Actually it is possible to save up to 87% of storage size when collars are not in use.