One of the easiest ways to reduce the costs associated with packaging products is to stop using one-way packaging and to make multiple-use packaging “work for you”: that is, to reuse it and to save on storage.

Kronus Buy-Sell-Back Service Picture

Packaging forms a significant part of transportation and storage costs. In essence, cardboard boxes and other one-way packaging materials are money down the drain. Instead of using them, choosing packaging solutions, which can be reused, conveniently stored and/or returned to the manufacturer after their use, is recommended by industry experts.

Wooden pallet collars 

Wooden pallet collars are a strong, durable, environmentally friendly packaging solution that ensures the reliability of placing goods during transportation and in the warehouse. This functional packaging can be reused; it is convenient for storage, as, when folded, it takes up 87% less space and can also be returned to the manufacturer. Responding to customer needs, KRONUS has developed the Buy-And-Sell Back service for repurchasing used pallets and collars, which saves up to 32% of costs.

How does the Buy-And-Sell Back service work?

Buy-And-Sell Back is a service developed by KRONUS to repurchase used (including broken) packaging – pallet collars and pallets. If you do not plan to reuse your pallets or pallet collars, we are ready to repurchase them and to take them from the territory of your enterprise. Thus, we will save you the necessity of storing unnecessary packaging or disposing of it, and you will free up space in your warehouse while getting some of your money back that was spent on packaging.

Who is already using this service?

We are confident that our service for repurchasing used pallets and pallet collars will help you optimise the processes in your warehouse in the same way as in the warehouses of our other partners, such as, for example, manufacturers of hinges and fastener systems.

By choosing pallet collars and the Buy-And-Sell Back service, you can ensure the protection of goods due to the strength of the packaging, reduce waste and the costs associated with it, as well as save on space and warehouse costs. All of this, of course, will influence both the general costs of the company and its reputation.