All organisations have a life cycle. At each new stage of development, organisations face specific challenges. How well or poorly these problems are addressed, and the necessary changes that are made, determine the success or failure of that company.

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Since 2019, in close cooperation with the Adizes Institute in Latvia, KRONUS takes care of the company’s transformation, analysing the company’s processes, introducing changes, and working on potential improvement points in various work groups, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The transformation process was started with the diagnosis of the company and the structure of KRONUS has been transformed. KRONUS received the “Company of the Year” award for significant business achievements in implementing Adizes methodologies.



We regularly measure the employee engagement index and see that learning, developing as a professional is what motivates people to stay at KRONUS, work hard and participate in growth with the company. The higher the qualification of the employees – the more successfully the company can overcome various situations, both in the market and inside the company. High-level specialists are those who can react even in uncertain situations, which we face every day.

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At KRONUS, every employee has an opportunity to grow. We regularly promote employees internally – who have demonstrated excellent professional performance, achieved and even exceeded the set goals, developed their communication and management skills. We support both vertical and horizontal career growth in both production and administration.



KRONUS is a company that is always learning! This is proven by the example of our managers, who always encourage their colleagues to read new books about people, process, change management, different theories and development as managers. We regularly replenish the KRONUS library with the latest business literature, which every employee has the opportunity to read. We learn not only from the books, which are already around 160 in the KRONUS library, but also from situations, events and our own experiences.