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Knowing more about the industry all together and taking a second look at different specific tasks that we do is essential to work better. It is off course highly important to follow different tendencies in the industry to understand what is the next step to take. Such a professional approach to work should help any business grow.

And as we all know, continues improvement is a cornerstone for successful longtime growth of businesses within the storage and transportation industry. Yet again we have gathered 10 useful posts from authors who have something to say about the industry.

More than just a strategy

Building s strategy to follow is without a doubt an important part of every business. Yet it is not enough to continue development in long term. Every strategy has to be shaped as time goes by, while all of the factors that influence your business are changing as well.

What to do? The answer is simple. Managers have to think about gathering data that shows how the industry is changing and how it affects the particular business. When we start to see the numbers it is also easier to reshape the big picture. With that said, we have to improve each and every day in order to move forward.

Companies are expanding. What will you do?

We are constantly looking for evidences that indicate industry growth in different regions. As you know, it is one of those factors that we take into account when important decisions are made.

One of such evidences is large company expansions. And that is exactly what is now reshaping the industry in North America, as XPOLogistics is looking forward to become the second largest LTL services provider in the region.

Other business around the world should need to take such changes into account. What is more, there is a lot to learn from such successful companies!

Cutting costs by 25%

Using different solutions to cut the costs of storage and transportation is a common trend for successful businesses. And it is important to understand that there are many ways to do that. Simply because it gives companies the chance to cut the costs down to the minimum.

Of course, packaging solutions play an important role in the business. Yet there are times when we have to take bigger steps. An example for this is Cosco Holdings Co. that is investing in Megaships to improve shipping between Asia and Europe. As planned, this investment should allow to cut the costs of shipping by roughly 25%.

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Collaborating for a better tomorrow

A collaborative agreement between two or more large companies can lead to significant development. There is no doubt that these are good news for the whole industry as such companies give great example for others to follow.

It is important to understand that improvement provides us with new opportunities. The next step is using these opportunities to develop event further.

These are the kind of changes that reshape the industry. And we should keep that in mind.

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Work smarter to do more while cutting costs

Meeting customers expectations is a must if we want to talk about gaining trust. Individuals have no interest in global situation or different problems with shipping. What they want is their packages to be shipped in time.

What does this mean for you? Basic logistics solutions are not always working as well as we would like to. This is where business intelligence solutions can help you. Making data visible and easy-to-understand is crucial to taking control over all of the transportation operations. What is more, using these opportunities the right way should allow you to cut costs as well!

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Busiest sea route is undergoing changes

Asia and Europe has been connected by the busiest sea line for a long time. But as Chinas growth is slowing down and Eurozone is struggling, there are major changes happening right now. The number of sailings on the route has been slashed.

Less transportation means growing competition! It is now highly important for business in these regions to change their strategies. Using new solutions is crucial to keep these businesses going, which means there is a lot to learn in order to work better than others. As mentioned previously, collaboration and strategy reshaping is needed for the whole industry.

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Why are leaders in front of others

Those who understand the importance of bid data are always a step ahead of others. Leaders of supply chain management know this. And it seems like it is just the time for others to step up the game as well.

Knowing more about the market, competitors and your own work is what allows you to draw the big picture. Seeing and understand the big picture gives you the chance to learn more about customer expectation. And that is exactly what matters in this industry.

Using modern solutions is crucial, yet we have to understand that there is more behind the numbers.

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Navigate your way to success

The well know Android platform has been changing the way navigation works for truckers.

Using navigation is nothing new. Yet those who understand the possibilities of modern technologies have taken into account usage of third party apps and that allows these companies to step up.

Pre-built integrations is what limits the users of traditional navigation systems.

Learning more about new solutions can bring significant changes and better results. Which means that Route Planning, Messaging and other possibilities are slowly starting to reshape the trucking industry as well!

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Still too many questions on Global Trade Pacts

It seems that the most important talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership know as TTP are finally over, which is a good sing for those, who have been waiting for this trade agreement to become a reality. Yet there is still a long way to go to reach the ratification of this agreement.

Mainly because there are still many unanswered questions. For now we can only say that those who were said to be gaining some actual benefit from this agreement, will have to face some new challenges.

Of course, there is still much to do regarding regulations that would restrict states from manipulating with currencies and so on.

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The Third Coast

This industry is indeed never standing still. The significant infrastructure development in several ports in the US, as well as Canada and Mexico is a proof for that. What it is more, it is a signal for the leading businesses to start thinking forward.

As new ports emerge and the old ones develop the sea lines change as well. For those who are ready to change their strategies this is a good sign. Simply because it gives business the chance to work better with costs being cut.

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For professionals of this industry it is highly important to always learn more!


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