11 Life Saving Tips for Pallet Owners

You may not consider the best way to use pallet collars and pallets because they are seemingly pretty clear cut storage options BUT there is a right way to use the pallets and collars to not only get the most out of this storage/shipping option but to maintain a low risk of injury in the workplace.

palletIf you are an owner of pallets and pallet collars than you already have a very good idea of how valuable these shipping/storage tools are to your industry. They remain one of the most flexible storage/shipping options available.

They are durable, safe, protective and easy to move around. They are a perfect option for so many reasons and so many goods.

There are best practices that you should know about to get the most out of this superior storage/shipping option.

As with any container option the goal is three fold:

  • Security for the products
  • Ease of access and movement
  • Reducing risk

You always want to keep your products safe and secure. Your inventory is likely your largest investment so keeping it safe from authorized entry and damage during shipping is always a top priority, as a pallet and pallet collar user you already know that they provide protection to your products that you can count on.

Being able to get to your inventory is also a key tenet in ensuring smooth operations. Pallets and pallet collars as you know can help you to easily get to your inventory and to transport your inventory both two very important advantages in this very competitive world market place.

Pallets and pallet collars reduce risk not only to your inventory but also to your employees. Injuries sustained at work from moving inventory is on the rise. Workplace injuries are your second largest expense, any steps that you take to reduce the incidence is going to play heavily in your favor.

You may not have thought of your pallets and collars as a way to keep your employees safer in the warehouse but they are, when they are used right.

Many of the tips that are shared here will come as a surprise not because they are earth shaking information but because it is information that is actually quite surprisingly simple. These are all things that you can do starting today!

We have 11 life saving tips here that will help you to expand the use of your pallets and collars and get more return on your investment.

Here Are the 11 Tips

1We talked briefly about having easy access to your inventory tip #1 expands on this idea.

1. Having quick access to your inventory during its shelf life is very important not only for shipping purposes so that you can quickly respond when an order is placed but also so that you can quickly see how much inventory you have on hand.

One of the biggest warehousing blunders is to have TOO much of any one item because inventory matters are not kept updated regularly. Easy access to your inventory means easy inventory activities which will reduce losses from over ordering. You can add “hinged doors” to your pallets and collars so that you can easily view your inventory during its shelf life.

2Tip #2 focuses on safety. Remember we talked about reducing risk to employees briefly. This tip can really be a lifesaving tip not only for your manpower but for your inventory as well. 

Using the right tools can actually shore up the safety of your pallets and collars. Tip #2 is a very simple step that can easily increase the safe use of your pallets and collars:

2. When you move some of your pallet boxes and store them one on top of the other be sure to use two specialized wooden slats or use the 4 plastic brackets that are made especially for pallets to help avoid shifting of the load and toppling over.

You can also use specialty straps to ensure that the pallet maintains it shape when they are stacked. Straps can help to avoid deformation of the structure and actually increase the strength of the pallet and collars. It is a small step but an important one when it comes to safety and reducing risk of injury and damage to the goods.

3Tip # 3 is also a very easy step to take to help with ease of access and to actually increase your usable storage space.

3. Are you currently using the special spacers that are made to increase ease of access and storage space? If you are, great you are doing all that you can to make ease of access easier and you are increasing the amount of usable space.

If you are not currently using the proper spacers, you should be if you want to get more out of your pallet and pallet collars.  It is a very simple yet efficient step to take to further reduce risk, protect your goods and make movement easier.

4Tip # 4 is something that many warehouses are not aware is available to them.

4.While connecting collars on pallets is easy enough you can make it even easier by asking the manufacturer to score the pins on the right hand side to make it easier to recognize which way the collars should be connected. This will help you to minimize the risk of loss that is associated by misappropriating the collars. 

5Tip #5 is regarding the proper load handling. This is actually something that is often overlooked. It seems like it would be common sense but when you are in a rushed environment like a busy warehouse it can be the simple mistakes that cause the most damage.

5. Be sure to check for load levels and weight maximums before shifting or loading pallet and collars. A common mistake is that because they are so flexible, pallets and collars are often overloaded beyond their weight capacity.  This of course poses several different issues like the deformation of the pallet and collar which can weaken the overall strength of the container.

6Tip #6 is a tip that everyone should be using when they are moving and transporting the cargo that is contained within the pallet and collars.

6. It is always a best practice when you are moving a heavy load to ensure that the pallet and collars are pulled together with straps.  This will help to avoid damaging the pallet, losing your goods and make transportation easier.

7Tip #7 is offered to help you choose the right pallet collars to reduce risk.

7. When you are choosing pallet collars be sure that you pay attention to the quality of the collar. You want a smooth nicely planed surface to avoid any hand injuries or damage to the inventory.

Uneven jagged surfaces can cause splinters and other injuries and it can also cause damage to your product. Paying close attention to the quality of the pallets and the collars can save you quite a few headaches.

Use a reliable manufacturer/supplier to avoid any of the mishaps that are associated with collars that are not finished correctly. Pay attention to the quality of the planed surface of pallet collars, because uneven surfaces can cause damage to hands while working with boards.

8Tip #8 is for those of you that are trying to improve the weather sanctity of your product.

8. It is highly recommended that you purchase pallet collars that are wrapped in film for added security against dust and moisture. The film helps to keep out moisture and helps to protect the pallet collars against moisture and other damage.

It will extend the life of your pallet collars if you choose collars that come with film in place. Of course you can add additional stability and protection to any pallet and collar system by using a shrink wrap to further secure the pallet.

It is not recommended that you shrink wrap inventory that is going to be sitting on a shelf because it can be more bother than it is worth when you are trying to access the inventory.

9Tip #9 - hanging on to your pallet collars can be a challenge in any supply chain. You want to be sure that you can easily identify your pallet collars so that they can be returned. Of course it is also helpful to have identifiable pallets and collars during the shipping process.

9. You can easily make your pallet collars more identifiable by using a color coding system that you can achieve with paint, colored loops or affixing your company logo. Taking this extra step will help you to maintain control.

Taking this little extra time with your pallets and pallet collars can help you to save costs and get more use out of the pallets and the pallet collars. You have to be able to identify your pallets and collars to be able to reuse them or have them returned to you. Use a good quality paint that will not rub off when you are leaving your mark on both the pallet and the pallet collars.

10Tip #10 - we all know that pallets are very versatile storage/shipping/display options but many organizations are not using them to the best of their ability.  Just because your pallet collars show up one size it does not mean that you can only use them at that size!

10. Typical pallet collars are constructed for the standard 800 X 1200 mm which is useful most of the time but what if you want to make the collar bigger to fit a larger sized pallet? The answer is simple!

All you have to do is add a board of the length/s that you want to increase your collar size by. For example, you can change the size from 300 to 3000 mm. This is a great tip that many organizations are not even aware is possible.

You do not have to buy different sized collars, buy standard and make the needed adjustments on site to save money and to have a more customized collar.

11#11 Choose reusable! When you choose reusable pallet collars you are choosing the better choice for cost.

11. Reusable pallet collars offer up to 10 years of reliable use. These dependable types of pallet collars make return logistics easier and helps to conserve resources.  Reusable pallet collars are durable and can really help to save when it comes to overall costs. 

Reusable pallet collars are made to be reused, they are made to take a beating and be reused over and over again. They are a little higher cost but they are well worth the additional investment because you can easily see a nice return by the number of years that you can reuse them.

Choose a reusable packaging solution for your business

Explore Pallet Collars

If you are not getting the most out of your shipping/storing options take these 11 tips and put them to work for you. You will get more use out of your pallets and pallet collars and wind up realizing savings and reduce risk.

That’s Not All

There are a few more things that you should be doing with your pallets and pallet collars to get the most out of them. Keep an eye on the quality of the pallets and the pallet collars that you are using.

Quality does matter when it comes to durability and longevity. For example, a poorly made pallet and pallet collar is far more likely to experience a distortion than a good quality pallet and pallet collar.

Distortions can naturally occur in any pallet set up, from exposure to humidity and cold to being packed with undue weight and not following the manufacturers recommendations. 

Of course following the tips here will help to ensure that you are not misusing your pallet and pallet collars so that will cut down on the amount of distortion that you have to deal with but choosing high quality is also very important.

Somethings to pay special attention to include the rivets on the boards, the loop that helps to construct the pallet collar and of course the board itself.

The right hardware and the right select wood will ensure that you get years of use out of your pallets and your pallet collars without the dreaded distortion that can leave your inventory spilling on the ground and worse yet that can cause topple over accidents in the warehouse.

Another very important thing to consider when choosing your pallets and pallet collars is sizing. Using multiple suppliers for your pallets and pallet collars is sort of like playing roulette you never know where the size will land.

Finding a reliable supplier and sticking with them is typically a better option because you want to be sure that you are conforming with Euro standards and jumping around among suppliers may or may not guarantee the accurate dimensions that you need.

One more thing that you always want to remember to do and that is one of the tips listed above is to ensure proper labeling of your pallets and your pallet collars.  Use marking that is clearly visible and that is easily identifiable so that you do not lose track of your pallets and pallet collars.

Cost Effectiveness

Taking advantage of these tips will afford you a much more cost effective packaging/storage/shipping set up. Pallets are a favorite packing tool of many organizations because of their durability and other benefits but they can be a costly option. To take full advantage of this superior option for your packaging/storage/shipping needs you want to get as much use as you can for your investment.

These tips are designed for you to use your pallets and pallet collars in a manner that you may have not considered. Using your pallets in ways that you have not considered is a way to make them even more versatile then they are to start with. Savings can come in many different forms and getting the most out of your pallets and collars is one of the “hidden cost savings” that is not normally explored.

Any warehouse operation can easily benefit from the tips that are posted in this article. Instead of buying more pallets and pallet collars make the ones that you have work harder.

We have reviewed customization options like added additional boards to create larger collars. They are simple tricks that will easily help to expand the use of the materials that you have right now.

Risk Management

Understanding the steps that you can take like Tip # 5 and Tip # 8 can help you to easily reduce risk not only to your inventory but also to your employees in the warehouse. 

One of the biggest dangers in any warehouse is of spillage and pallets that topple over, not because of manufacturer defect in the pallets but because of misuse by the warehouse employees.

Largely misuse comes from human error (not paying attention to the maximum weight load) and from the user not understanding how to properly use the pallet and pallet collars.

Reducing risk is key in any organization and by sharing these simple tips with the employees that come into contact with the pallet and the pallet collars you are taking a strong first step in the right direction to educate, train and ultimately reduce risk.

It is important to use pallets in the “right” way to not only get the most return on your investment but to also keep your employees safe. Far too few organizations ever really go over how to properly use a pallet and a pallet collar set up.

They just assume that employees know what they are doing and while even the employees may think that they “know” the reality is that pallets and pallet collars are often misused out of ignorance.

Spending a little time sharing these tips with your employees that are working with the pallets in the warehouse can reduce work place injury claims. It may seem a bit too simple to really make a difference but typically a little of the right information and direction can make a big difference when it comes to reducing work place injuries.

One Last Observation

Getting the most out of your pallets and pallet collars is very important but you have to recognize when you should take them out of service. If you notice warping or distortion it is time to either consider repair or to mark them unserviceable.

A warped or distorted pallet is a dangerous pallet because once the integrity of the design has been compromised the pallet is no longer a trustworthy packaging option. No one knows how long a warped or distorted pallet will hold up nor under how much weight it will survive but we do know that it is destined for failure.

In some cases, a pallet can be “rescued” with repairs if the damage or distortion is not too bad. Just pull off the boards that are “bad” and replace it with new safer, straighter boards that are not distorted. This process can easily give your pallet new life.

Choose a reusable packaging solution for your business

Explore Pallet Collars

You can also replace boards on the pallet collars and the hardware as well. As the pallet collar become worn you can simply replace he boards, of course you will eventually have to opt in for some new ones just to keep your supply fresh.

You do have to be able to recognize when repairs are just no longer an option and it is time to get some new pallets and pallet collars. If you start out with a fresh supply and apply the tips that are offered here, you will be able to see how well these tips work. You will be able to keep your pallets and pallet collars new for a longer period of time and be able to keep them in service for a longer period of time.

With a little forethought and taking advantage of what you have learned here you may not have to replace your pallets and your pallet collars for a very long time.


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