7 Ideas to Update Your Rack Storage System

Update Your Rack Storage System​These 7 ideas to update your racking system is going to really open up your eyes to the amount of space that is being wasted in your warehouse.

If you are considering expansion because your warehouse is seemingly becoming smaller the answer may be a lot simpler than adding on to the space or even finding a new property.

The truth is sometimes even if your organization needs to expand the money is just not there to do it. In other cases, the money is there but the location is not. In other cases, still the location is there but other conditions prevent the expansion.

When space is tight it is also a dangerous space for employees to work in. There is a higher incidence of injuries when there is not enough room to move around.

Another consideration is that you may be out of compliance with the rack system that you are currently using.

These 7 ideas to update your rack storage system will help you to get more use out of the space you are in.

Most groups are not making the most out of their rack storage systems. There are ways to update your system to make it far more effective and space saving.

Updating your rack storage system can help to reduce risk of injury as well. There are several mistakes when a rack storage system is being purchased that can easily lead to an increase in risk of injury.

One of the best things you can do when you are evaluating your current situation is to get some expert advice to avoid the common pitfalls and ultimately reduce the risk of injury.

If you have not taken a look around the warehouse in a while and did a rack audit now is the time you need to do it. Expansion is not always possible but improving your use of space in the warehouse usually is with a quick check up of the space that is being used and the condition of the racking system, space misuse and loss can be easily realized.

Rack Audits

As mentioned above if you have not taken a look around your warehouse in a while it may be something you want to do. Periodic rack audits should be done to check on the stability of the racks and note any necessary replacement or repairs that are needed.

One of the chief mistakes most warehouse managers make is not estimating the amount of racks that are needed. This can put undue strain on a rack system.

Racks can become unstable over time and can become a hazard. You also want to be sure that your racks are the best types for your needs. If you have been using the same old racks for more than 5 years, you may be missing out on opportunities to create more space for a rather low cost investment.

Updates can include an entire overhaul or just making a few tweaks where they are needed. Updating your racks is a quick way to get the expansion you need in the space you have.

Are You Using the Right Racks?

Most organizations are using a “standard rack system” which is sometimes referred to as a “selective pallet rack”. It is most often used because it is a good system that serves its purpose well but it may not be the best system for your organizations needs.

The only problem with the selective pallet rack system is that if you are trying to get extra space out of your space that it may be like chasing your tail. There is a better way to update your rack storage and get more space out of the deal. Of course your audit should have revealed how much space is being wasted.

Our first suggestion or idea for updating your rack system is that you should consider a “push back pallet rack system”. Pushback pallet racks are ideal when your space is tight in the warehouse. This system allows you to increase storage size density without affecting the ability to select pallets.

This system offers a superior combination of selectivity and density storage which ultimately gives you the added storage space that you need. This is one of the most effective rack systems when it comes to storage needs and expanding useful amounts of space.

Make Room by Deleting Aisles

How much space do your aisles take up in your warehouse? Aisles and room to move around the pallets are a necessity when you are using standard rack systems but if you could do away with at least part of the aisles how much more room would you have for storage? Likely quite a bit. Idea #2 is focused on getting rid of some of those space wasting aisles.

You could easily increase your storage space by 60% by using drive in rack systems. Drive in systems are ideal for inventory setups that are first in last out. These engineered rack systems offer a great deal more storage density than other rack systems. 

You may have heard of these systems as “drive through systems” or as “drive up high density storage systems”. They are an ideal way to quickly increase your storage space.

Minimize Aisle Space Needs

​Gravity flow systems can also help to make better use of your wasted aisle space. Like the name infers these roller rack systems depend on gravity to move about the pallets.

They can be engineered to hold up to twenty pallets using one lane of storage space. They operate under a first in/first out setup.

The system is sometimes referred to as “flow rack systems”.  This can be an easy way to update your rack system to give you a lot more space in the warehouse.

Narrow Aisle

Did you know that there are racking systems that are made especially for narrow aisles? If you have a little extra space and want to make use of it for storing pallets, the “narrow aisle” racking system can easily update what was once unused space nicely.

The clear benefits of using this type of racking is to use what was unused space and there is a lower cost associated with this system when compared to other systems.

This is an ideal solution when you have drive through racking systems and have some left over space that you want to utilize. The only drawback with the narrow aisle system is that you are not able to drive down the aisle with a forklift.

Cantilever Racks

Not everything comes with neat square edges that is stored in the warehouse. Sometimes you have to think outside the box when your goods won’t fit in the box.

Cantilever Racks can help you to overcome the “what do we do with this item” dilemma. The Cantilever Racks are great for storing long items that do not fit in traditional rack systems. 

They help to keep everything out of the way and from interfering with other rack systems. Flexibility is key in the warehouse and having the right tools on board can help to ensure that your warehouse is working at the top level of efficiency.

Interchangeable Racks

Are you using interchangeable racks? If you are not, you should be. Interchangeable racks are the most versatile racking systems. They are typically used with gravity locks.

Gravity locking systems are secure but more importantly are easy to change out when you need to. The tear drop racking system is very popular because it is very versatile, secure and easy to use.


Maybe making the switch to a new rack system is not necessarily something that is an option because of costs right now. Don’t get discouraged some of the suggestions made here can actually be retrofitted to your current set up at a reduced cost. Contact a reliable rack system manufacturer and get the information that you need about potential retrofits.

The bottom line is if you are struggling with your space and really need some room for expansion there are likely options that can work greatly to your advantage. There is always a way to update your rack system to help you get more space out of your current space.

You may have to get creative but with the right support getting creative and utilizing space you have not thought about is a lot easier than absorbing the cost of expansion into a new property.

Pallets are a necessity, a place to keep them is a necessity and updating your racking system is also periodically necessary. It is the cost of doing business but it is also one of the most inexpensive ways to expand your space.

Some expert advice can go a long way in helping you to get a much more efficient space out of your warehouse space. Before you decide to expand your property consider updating your racking system you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much available space you really do have.


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