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Different new solutions are something that everybody working in the storage and transportation industry should be looking for.

Because new solutions are what allow this industry to keep moving forward by making all of the work that is done more efficient.

From storage racks to pallet collars. Working faster while at the same time safety and saving of space is ensured. Such work is what allows large companies and private individuals to reduce costs in longterm.

Off course, the overall quality of the work is increasing as well. And as one might understand these are the basic goals when it comes to the development of the storage and transportation industry.

What I would like to point out here is the importance of the storage and solutions that help us to work better in this specific field.

It is so because it seems that a significant part of companies and individuals working within this industry have forget just how important it is to continue to learn the management of warehouses.

And it is clear that in many cases this leads to inefficient work done within the storage industry. Of course that causes some lack of development in the storage and transportation industry all together.

To change the situation it is important to continue to talk about the best solutions for storage in warehouses.


The basic factors

To understand what are the kind of solutions we should be looking for when working in the storage industry, one should know the basic factors that influence the quality of work within this industry.

That allows to determine which of the different solutions can ensure the needed quality on each of the factors that matter. Only then is it possible to find the kind of solutions that won’t let us down in longterm.

What is more, there can never be to much of learning, because it allows us to look at the things in a new way. And that is exactly what allows this industry to continue development in longterm.

If we think about the factors that might influence the work within the storage industry, one may ask, is it even possible to find such a solution that would comply to all of the requirements.

And even if we know that each of different solutions holds some pros and cons, it seems that there is one specific solution that would be useful in different situations in the storage industry.

Pallet collars are a modern wooden packaging solution that ensures great quality of use. And it might just be that this solution does comply with all of the most important requirements.

To find that out we do have to take a look at these basic things, that are so important in the storage industry.

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Requirements for quality

There are several things that one should take into account when looking for a great quality solution for the work in a warehouse.

Yet, without a doubt, there are some that are more important that all the other ones. Those are the very basic things, from which everything starts and builds up. 

So if we want to take a look at these important factors, we should start with one of the most important things in the storage and transportation industry all together.

A thing that a lot of us tend to forget about which may affect particular businesses in a bad way. I am talking about the saving of space or the complete usage of available space if we put it in other words.

But in the end I am more than sure that we all understand what is the basic thing in this factor.

corner of pallet collarUsing the maximum amount of space is highly important in every warehouse while it allows to store more products. It is cost efficient and if done in the right way, it also allows to work faster.

It is so because the optimisation of warehouse space allows to bring a certain order into the way all of the products within this warehouse are stored.

So it is important to look for solutions that ensure that the maximum amount of space is saved in the warehouse.

I want to point out that the saving of space must be ensured while there are products stored and also while the place is not packed with products.

To understand this part better I can give you an example. Lets say that a particular company uses wooden boxes to store products in the warehouse.

Everything is of course great, until the moment when a part of the boxes are empty. At this point large amount of space is taken with empty boxes that are storing nothing but air. To work efficiently it is important to save space even then, when the particular solution is not in use. Therefore the classical wooden boxes are not the best solution one could find.

pallet collar with cover

Warehouse space optimisation can be ensured in different ways. One of which is the possibility to store products in multilevel. Such storage allows to use significantly more space. And when we are talking about multilevel storage the one thing that comes in mind is safety.

This is yet another factor that influence the storage industry. It is highly important to thing about the safety of products and workers when different products are stored in the warehouse.

To ensure this, one should take into account the quality of each solution that is used.

And when the maximum amount of space is used and we are completely sure that the needed safety is ensured we have to think about efficiency in the sense of how fast is it possible to work in the warehouse, when any particular solution is used.

What I want to say is that it is important to ensure that it is easy to access and transport these products. It allows to save time which in the words of any business means to reduce costs in longterm.


Pallet collars

These three, without a doubt, are the most important factors that directly influence the storage industry. And at this point that important question takes place. Is there a single solution that complies with all three of these requirements?

The answer here is yes! Because this industry has been introduced to a solution that is known with the name Pallet Collars.

They were already mentioned in the beginning and one should understand that collars have proven to be the one solution, that ensure the maximum use of space, complete safety and fast transportation.

In other words, it is possible to work fast and efficient when this solution is used in any warehouse.

And the thing is that this solution can be truly useful in different warehouses and it is friendly to various different products.

What makes this solution so special are the hinges, that hold together boards. When a collar is in use it is possible to stack them on one another which allows to form a box. A box, that is perfectly suited for the specific products while you can adapt the needed height.

Therefore it is possible to save space. Pallet collars are also highly durable and it is possible to easily store them in multi level which, as mentioned before, is important in every warehouse.

However, when collars are not in use it is possible to fold them, because of the hinges. This allows you to save significant space when they are not used unlike classic wooden boxes. And it works great not only for storage, but for transportation as well, because you do not have to carry around boxes filled with nothing, but air.

In other words, pallet collars allow you to work efficiently in warehouse and on the road. This is exactly what makes something like collars the best solution for this industry.

open pallet collarBy choosing to use a specific type of hinges it becomes easy to provide fast access to the goods that are stored in the packaging. First of all it is possible to remove top collars to have an easy access to products that are lower. Second of all, you can choose to use special hinges, that open up like horizontal doors.

Therefore, you don't have the need to remove anything to access some specific products that are stored here. And there are many other possibilities that pallet collars can ensure to you. What matters is how you choose to use these possibilities to manage the work in the warehouse.

Of course, to ensure the needed quality it is important to choose the best pallet collars in the market. To do so, one should look for a manufacturer that holds great experience in this business.

So how about a wooden storage solutions manufacturer that over the years has been able to manufacture every fifth pallet collar in the world?

Such experience is what ensure top quality products for every customer! And you can take a look at such a manufacturer here.

You will understand with time that pallet collars truly are the best solution for storage. And there are many ways to use these collars and their accessories to manage your warehouse on a new level. 

Choosing to use these pallet collars is something anyone working in the storage industry would never regret.


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