How Pallet Collars Are Used in Russia

Wooden pallet collars are used worldwide including through-out Russia. Wooden pallet collars are the solution in so many situations when transporting both large and small items. These versatile packaging options can easily help your organization to meet their shipping needs.

One of the key factors in realizing success in any industry is to be able to get your goods delivered on time and in good condition. Wooden pallet collars make shipping, storing and displaying a much easier task.

Moving goods safely and securely takes priority in all situations. Reducing risk of unauthorized access to goods is also a high priority. 

There is one shipping tool that can help to do it all that is relatively inexpensive and used by the big logistic companies to ensure safe transport.

Using a pallet to ship goods is an international standard that is certainly not new to logistic activities but adding a wooden pallet collar is really a game changer. 

Pallet collars allow you to store goods that you could never store without them. They allow you to ship goods that you could never ship without them. They also allow you to easily unload and display goods.

They are THE logistic solution in so many cases. There is not one activity that would not benefit from using pallet collars in your logistic chain. There are plenty of organizations that are jumping on board with the idea that wooden pallet collars will change how they do business.

One of the best ways to improve your shipping, packaging, storing and display options is to take a look at what successful businesses are doing. There is a reason that some companies are wildly successful and why others only enjoy marginal success. Some logistic companies use the right tools and others have not quite caught on yet.

It may seem like an outlandish statement to say that packaging options play a role in how much success you can expect for your group but they do. Why do some companies reach the levels of being experts and others only see minimal profits? It comes down to the tools that they use to reach those levels.

The right tools really do make the difference. They help any group to work more efficiently and set a higher standard. They also help businesses to effectively attack their logistic headaches. The right tools like wooden pallet collars are simple solutions to many of the issues that an organization is faced with.

Wooden pallet collars are used in Russia by most of the large logistic firms because they allow for freedom in how items are shipped.

Take a Look Around

You can take a cue from these two Russian businesses that have optimized their shipping capabilities by using wooden pallet collars. Both of these companies are considered experts in the field of logistics and they both use pallets that have been fitted with wooden collars.

Of course they have put in years of work to become the logistics giants that they are in Russia but they both use the tools that have provided the support that they need to get the job done.

Your own logistics is one thing but when your business is logistics and you are tasked with client’s goods the need to ensure secure transport takes on an entirely new meaning.

Both of these companies have built their business on the ability to perform. They both deliver goods, cargo and inventory to and from manufacturers. They are both very trusted companies with strong reputations for delivering goods that are in pristine condition, on time.

It is not an easy task to take responsibility for tons of cargo and goods every day and making sure that it arrives in top condition without issue but each of the two companies below have become masters at providing this very important service.

Without the proper logistic support many of the clients of these two companies would not be able to survive in their business. Successful businesses are successful at moving their goods. No matter what products you are dealing in if you cannot move them you might as well not be in business.

Take a look at these two premier logistics companies that are using pallet collars every day.


PEC is one of Russia’s largest carriers and they have been utilizing pallet collars to protect their shipments. PEC has quickly become one of the largest most trusted carriers to all of the Russian federation.

PEC got their start in 2001 and quickly took the helm as a leader in the industry. They utilize wooden pallet collars in their transport services to ensure the safe arrival of all of the cargo and goods that are entrusted to them.

Using pallet collars has clearly been the defining difference for this business. PEC moves cargo and goods over 100,000 settlements with over 1.5 million customers including a full range of manufacturers, distributors, online vendors and other vendors that need their products to arrive safely. When a master of the industry uses a tool like the pallet collar in their day to day activity it should make you stand up and take notice.

This is a very large successful company that has mastered delivers throughout Russia by using the tools that make the process easier.

Since 2014 PEC has been the designated distributor for goods and products coming from China. PEC transports goods up to twenty tons! This is a huge transport company that is highly trusted. They load the goods on to a pallet, secure the goods with pallet collars and ship to many different settlements where the goods are unloaded and delivered with smaller transport companies.

Using pallets and wooden pallet collars is a quick way to move all types of goods effectively both small loads and large loads means that PEC is a shining example of how well it all comes together when you use pallet collars. As a leading logistic company in Russia, PEC has set the standard when it comes to the movement of goods.

They use wooden pallet collars because clearly they are a flexible option. When you have to move the amount of cargo and goods that PEC moves you have to have reliable, flexible options. 

Wooden pallet collars offer the ability to build different size containers so that whether the load is small or large the pallet collars can easily be adjusted to securely transport the goods. It is a fast easy solution that PEC has absolutely exploited and used these tools to further the success of their logistic operations.

"Another Russian Logistics Company"

This logistics company is a fine example of a Russian company that has taken their market share by using effective logistic management that includes using wooden pallet collars for all of their shipping. They are also a leaders in logistics since 2001.

The company offers a full range of transport services including road, shipping cargo containers and even air transport. Like PEC they rely heavily on pallets and wooden pallet collars to ensure the safety of the goods they are tasked with transporting.

They offer same day delivery services in many regions like the Moscow, St. Petersburg route including the Podolsk and many areas within the Central Federal District. They offer customizable logistic solutions for many other regions.

This logistics company has a claim to over 2 million customers. They offer 350,000 sq. m of warehouse space to their clients for storage. They employ 16,000 people in their logistics chain. They ship over 4000 tons of cargo each and every day and much of it is shipped on pallets fitted with wooden pallet collars.

They have offices in Moscow, the Moscow region and other areas of Russia. They have international offices in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan among other places for easy access. The company also uses wooden pallet collars because of the tremendous amount of flexibility that they offer.

The wooden pallet collars give them an edge that they need. The company needs to be able to move cargo and goods quick. They offer same day service for many locations so easy in and easy out is very important. Wooden pallet collars come together quickly and can be dismantled quickly without tools so it makes sense that a giant like this company would use such a flexible tool.

Like PEC, "Another Russian Logistics Company" will deliver the goods to a warehouse or a central location than use smaller carriers to make the actual delivery to the site. It is imperative that the goods can be loaded and unloaded easily and using wooden pallet collars makes shipping, storing and even displaying goods a lot easier.

Becoming a giant in the logistics industry takes years of hard work but having the right tools on board certainly makes the job easier. Speed, ease of use and security are all key factors in making these companies successful.

You have a couple of choices when it comes to how you will ship your goods. You can contract to one of these great reliable companies or you can adopt the shipping methods that they use which includes utilizing wooden pallet collars. It is your call!


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