Increasing requirements for packaging in Europe

Packaging plays a highly important role in the industry of storage and transportation, because it is directly related to different factors that indicate how efficient is the work that a company is doing. What is more it affect each client as there are different risks involved that determine the longterm costs of doing business!

Therefore it is important for us to look at the types of packaging that are usually used within this industry to understand if there are any changes needed. If so, we need to find new solutions that would allow us to work better every day.

So far companies have been trying to save resources in short-term

Paperboard packaging has been playing a highly important role in the industry for a long time now. And there is a good reason for that as it allows to store different types of goods, as well as it allows companies to save resources.


Goods are simply packaged in paperboard boxes, stored on pallets and then shipped to wherever they need to be shipped to. What happens after however shows us that there are significant drawbacks to using this type of packaging solution.

There are high risks for damaging the products. What is more, the handling of these packaged goods becomes more complicated and of course, there is no efficient way to store such packaging in a warehouse!

Manufacturers might at first save some financial resources on such solutions, but in the longterm it all becomes inefficient for both manufacturers and the clients.

Therefore it would be only reasonable to think about new packaging solutions that could meet the increasing requirements for packaging of different goods.

It is important to look for solutions that could allow both manufacturers and clients to work efficiently in longterm. Such a solution should meet all of the factors that influence both storage and transportation of different goods.

Thinking about longterm efficiency

To avoid unnecessary risks of goods being damaged while they are stored or transported there is a need for a more durable type of packaging. At the same time, it should still be possible to store smaller, paperback packages within this more durable package.

Pallet collars is the one solution that meets all of the requirements! And it is exactly the kind of packaging that we should be using in order satisfy the needs of both manufacturers and clients.


First of all it is clear that pallet collars provide the needed safety of the goods that are being stored. Paperboard boxes or any goods can be safely stored within pallet collars and there is no need to worry about them being crashed.

Save space

They also allow us to take less space in the warehouse, as the durability of pallet collars ensure the possibility to store them in multilevel. Whether you are using shelf or non-shelf systems, pallet collars will be warehouse friendly.

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Paperboard packaging allows to save financial resources in short-term, but after a while everything starts to change. Simply because there are extra costs on the damaged goods that can't be used.

packaging in Europe

What is more, paperboard boxes can be used only for one time! The pallet collars on the other hand are there for you for a long time if you treat them properly.

Lowering costs by 100% seems impossible. However pallet collars can actually do that in some cases, because they are becoming so popular among different companies.

Standardization of such high quality packaging as pallets collars encourages companies to share them by giving them to each other.

Therefore it is possible to significantly cut the costs of doing any particular business. If you learn to work efficiently it might be possible to lower the cost even by 100%!

Meeting the requirements

One thing is clear - pallet collars are the kind of packaging that meets the increasing requirements for high quality packaging. Therefore it would only be reasonable for companies working in the industry to start using a solution that they can benefit significantly more from.

No more damaged goods and inefficient work in the warehouse or on the road. If we look at the importance of efficiency and how it is related to high quality packaging being used, it seems like it is time for the industry to take the next step.

Pallet collars will provide efficiency when working with different types of products and it will be easy for each company to meet the increasing requirements. Something that needs to be done considering the high importance of durable, high quality packaging.

Green thinking

There is no doubt that ECO-friendly solutions are gaining more popularity all around the world. And the use of ECO-friendly, longterm efficient packaging will become an industry standard in the future.

Which means it would be only reasonable to start thinking about that now, so that we meet the standards when they are required! It is worth mentioning that pallet collars are the solution that should be used in order to meet these eECO-friendly standards.

Change the future now!



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