Looking back at the last month of 2015: five articles to read

five articles to read

Year 2016 is right around the corner and it is the last time to look back at some of the most interesting articles of December. As we all know, success is directly related to our knowledge about the industry we work in. Learning more is the shortest way to understanding better.

Learn from those who work better and take into account he mistakes others have made so far, in order to make the right decisions daily. Today we are looking back at five articles You should read in order to improve your work in 2016. It is time to set new goals and work better to reach them.

1) Full potential of supply chain collaboration is not exploited

Working together with different supply chain partners ensures different advantages! More than 80 per cent of logistics experts support this statement, which means it would be only reasonable for more companies to look for collaboration with different partners. While a study of the industry shows that a large portion of the businesses won’t exploit the full potential of supply chain collaboration.

While looking at different aspects of such collaboration with partners, opinions among different experts change. But those, who have made the decision to collaborate have been growing. It only means that this could be your chance to improve in 2016. Look for the most important benefits you can gain while working together with others.

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2) Taking a look at the future of supply chain

To understand where we are going it is worth reflecting on the path we have taken so far. By looking back at the changes we have experienced we can start to understand what the future holds for us. And as we all know, it is highly important in order to make the right decisions at the right time.

In an ever growing industry it is important to think about the way different things could change. Building a constructive vision of the future could truly change the way we organise work today. And there is absolutely no doubt that those who will learn to adapt faster, will grow faster as well.

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3) Will the traditional supply chain models go extinct in the near future

Again, this is a case of how capable we are of adapting to different changes. The storage and transportation industry has been changing not only because someone would like to improve. It has been happening as the world we live in has been changing. And to keep up with the changing needs of clients, businesses have had to adapt.

Different factors signal to us that the future holds no difference. For now it is only reasonable to weight out the most important upcoming changes in order to start working on them now. 2016 is the time to take the first steps.

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4) The future of recycling is in our hands

For some business thinking green is a part of everyday work. Yet the America Recycles Day has showed to us that there is still a far way ahead of us. Even now, at the end of 2015, after about 40 years when recycling became a popular practice, the industry is facing different challenges.

Many are becoming more critical towards the whole recycling process. At the same time, we can all clearly see that the resources we hold are truly limited and preserving the traditional manufacturing and transporting models is not sustainable.

Without a doubt, recycling is something we should be more aware of.

5) Logistics services outsourcing

Are packaging, warehousing and distribution services the ones we should outsource? Well, as always, there is no single answer for everybody. Yet it is something worth thinking about if we want to meet all of the requirements for each of the different processes. For unexperienced businesses it is a lot to deal with. Which means, leaving this part of work for experts could pay off!

For more business who hold some experience on their own, this is a chance to invest in more important development. It is most important to understand, how outsourcing works with these kind of services.

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