Pallet Collars are Adaptable to Your Specific Business Needs

In order to advance in any field and line of work, discovery of new and innovative solutions for daily functions and processes, is the very definition of progress.

Efficiency in logistics is a major concern nowadays. In between the time when the goods are dispatched by the manufacturer and received by the customer; there is always room for improvement in efficiency.

pallet collars

When it comes to moving hundreds and thousands of items in a single shipment; pallets and pallet collars are preferred. However, when it comes to transporting heavy goods, businesses use wooden boxes or metal contraptions, both of which are expensive as well as short in supply.

The types of these that are used most for transportation are simple wooden pallets. Upon these, manufacturers stack their items layer after layer.

While this practice maybe widely adopted by manufacturers and transporters around the world, countless products get damaged in the transit.

One can’t ignore the thousands of dollars worth of investment that must be wasted in damaged goods every year; all because the products were not properly shelved to withstand the wear and tear of hours of transport in the shipment.

Pallet collars are however, said to be a great and adaptable solution to aforementioned logistical issues. They are used for the proper categorization and safe storing of items in the shipment, but before we go on to discuss how it can make storage and transportation easier; we will first discuss what exactly Pallet Collars are.

What Exactly Are Pallet Collars?

Companies that utilize pallets to transport shipment of products know how useful pallet collars can be. When it comes to packing small and fragile products, the pallet collar can yield several advantages, making it a professional logistic solution.

customized pallet collars

Pallet Collars are an innovative new storage system; made from wooden boards that are held together by hinges.

If you wish to form a protective box for your products, you can simply stack the pallet collars on a standard pallet until you reach the desired height.

The best part is you can make it according to your specification, exactly the way you need to, without taking any unnecessary space.

From packing and loading to transportation and unloading, pallet collars allow this process to become fast, secure, and effective.

Pallet collars are a packaging system that can be reused over and over again in addition to being a highly economic choice.

Durable materials are used in the manufacturing of pallet collars, in addition to their already flexible construction; allowing you to better optimize the place you have in your warehouse. The process of loading and unloading becomes easier with the possibility of removing the collars one after another.

The way pallet collars are designed makes managing the storage spaces you have available a lot easier. Pallet collars are the solution with the potential to improve your daily work process significantly.

Characteristics and Features That Make Pallet Collars Adaptable

Pallet collars are an extremely convenient, reusable, and economical type of packaging that can adapt to any and all types of storage specifications. No matter if the products in question are compact, bulky, or fragile, they will remain much safer in a pallet collar than in standard pallet.

We are going discuss various functions and features of pallet collars that make them the most adaptable and versatile logistical solution.

They are Easy to transport

When not in use, pallet collars can easily be folded down for convenient storage. They fold down to take the 1/8 of the space they take when opened. So you can easily stack them up on a traditional pallet.

Note that you can stack about 120 collars on a single pallet. Imagine the amount of space you are saving.

Custom Collar height

As mentioned above, the pallet collar can be adjusted to your exact specifications and needs. If you have a product of a particular height and want a pallet collar that comfortably houses your products, you can ask the manufacturer to design one according to your exact specifications.

Custom Collar size

Where height of your product is an issue, you’ve just been told what to do, but when it comes to supporting the entire bulky dimension of your product, a standard pallet collar won’t do.

You will need a custom designed collar that can perfectly accommodate the length and width of your products.

Dividers are available

If your product is such that it cannot come into contact with each other, such as glass wares, you can customize dividers for your pallet collars to compartmentalize the available space for safe storage. This way, you don’t only protect the shipment from external factors, but you save the products from each other as well.

Distance Keepers

Given the versatile nature of pallet collars, there are multiple ways in which you can choose to utilize them. With a simple addition of a ‘Distance Keeper’, a pallet collar accessory; you can easily create makeshift shelf storage to store your raw materials and other hardware.

6 hinge collars

Normally, pallet collar, stack on top of each other in a way that doesn’t allow you to access the layers below.

With the help of distance keepers between layers, you can easily add or remove items from the collar as needed.

6 Hinge Collars

As mentioned above, pallet collars have the ability to fold down into easily manageable parts.

With 6 hinge collars, you can fold down the pallet collar further to take even less space, about 3/5 of a standard pallet collar when collapsed.

This is the best way to save space when you have a warehouse with extremely limited storage space. Fold them away and they will be barely noticeable.

Materials Used in Manufacturing

You even have options to choose the material your pallet collar is made from. This decision is a rather important one. As each grade of material have their own limitations in terms of the weight they can support and how sturdy and durable they are.

The decision of the material you choose ultimately comes down to the type of products you are going to store and what its optimal storage needs are.

The multipurpose nature, recyclability as well as ease of usage and storage is what makes pallet collars popular among manufacturers and transporters. There are a plethora of applications a pallet collar can be used for, and this is only made possible by its adaptable design.


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