Pallet Collars take the World of Logistics

The world’s leading logistics companies in Europe have taken on a problem that has plagued warehouses focused on sustainable storage for years; the storage of empty, reusable containers for future orders.

Wasted space in a warehouse is expensive; securing, auditing, and providing climate control is exponentially more expensive based on the size of a warehouse.

pallet collars

Companies need a solution that isn’t labor intensive. They do not have time to waste on warehouse storage solutions that haven’t been proven.

Increasingly, companies are looking for ways to become greener, and more environmentally responsible; providing them with excellent marketing opportunities to earth-conscious consumers.

Transportation and logistics firms are looking for ways to do all of this while managing costs and keeping productivity high.

This is why pallet collars are such attractive storage and logistical solutions for companies.

Whether shipping across town, or around the world, Kronus’ patented Pallet Collars are up to the task!

Single Operator Assembly

One of the strongest qualities of pallet collars is that they are so easy to assemble, dis-assemble and store. In fact, Kronus’ pallet collars were designed to be handled end-to-end by a single team member. This frees up the rest of your crew to complete inventory counts, prepare customer orders and maximize productivity.

The average annual salary of a warehouse employee is reported at approximately $27,000. When you include benefits into the equation, companies are looking at closer to $43,000 annually.

Any warehouse logistical solution that minimizes the need for labor-intensive setup can save companies with warehouses tens of thousands of dollars every year. Is your current storage and transportation equipment doing that?

The 6-Hinge Pallet Collar Advantage

pallet collar with 6 hinges

One of the reasons our pallet collars save companies so much time and effort when assembling is Kronus’ 6-hinge pallet collar design.

6 hinges afford Kronus’ Pallet Collars an ease of folding and expansion that minimizes exertion by warehouse personnel; minimizing costly repetitive motion injuries.

Proven Storage Solutions

Don’t waste your time on experimental storage solutions. Put your company’s trust in Kronus’ twenty years of industry leading experience; providing businesses both large and small with pallet collars that stand the test of time.

Invented more than twenty years ago, today’s pallet collars have benefited from more than 20 years of advances in wood treatment, metal hinge fabrication and international shipping standards.

When it comes to pallet collars, there are few companies that rival Kronus’ experience and specialized industry know-how. Founded at nearly the same time as the invention of pallet collars, Kronus has grown along with the popularity of pallet collars.

Every year we’ve expanded our services, improved our ability to service customers and developed industry-firsts in material customization to compensate for the wide-variety of situations where our pallet collars are called upon to serve.

Are you looking for the best warehouse optimization solution?

Explore Pallet Collars

Affordable Return Storage Solution

Sending a shipment is only half the battle when fulfilling a customer order. What happens after your shipment is delivered and your customer no longer requires your crate?

You can either send a truck to pick-up your empty crates, or you can take advantage of the flexibility that pallet collars offer for return shipping in a compact, easy to load form-factor.

Collapse the pallet collars and you’ll find that a single pallet can hold up to 120 folded pallet collars. Depending on the items shipped, that can mean more than 40 crates (a ratio of 120:3) in one simple return shipping solution.

Whether you hire a firm to return your pallet collars, or you send a company truck, you’ll save money and increase efficiency when returning pallet collars to your warehouse. Freight companies charge you a retrieval fee based on weight and size; smaller form-factor equals massive shipping savings!

With pallet collars, you’ll be able to fit even more on your trucks; allowing your warehouse to potentially send out orders that are delivered into the same area as your pallet collar pick-up. Wow! An equipment retrieval that actually pays for itself with added truck space for new orders!

The Perfect Fit with Customizable Sizing

No two companies are exactly the same, so why are you using the same universal wooden crate as your competitor? At Kronus, we understand the importance of meeting governmental shipping regulations as well as your own inventory demands. Our collapsible pallet collars can be custom constructed from almost any wood or plastic to comply with your shipping needs.

Worried about losing your pallet collars in a customer’s warehouse or office? Don’t let your pallet collars mistakenly ship back to the wrong supplier; get your company’s logo or other identifiable information permanently applied to your pallet collars.

By ordering your storage supplies directly from Kronus, you’ll have absolute control over your company’s branding, proudly emblazoned on your Pallet Collars.

International Shipping with Pallet Collars

The International Plant Protection Convention has been adopted by more than 180 countries focused on protecting the bio-diversity of the planet.

International shipping via wooden crates represents a threat to plants that have not yet been exposed to the diseases and invasive species transported by international shipments in wooden containers.

Untreated, non-compliant wood crates and pallet collars can potentially transport these pests and diseases, causing the loss of rare plant and animal life.

To help combat this problem, the International Plant Protection Convention instituted ISPM 15, which mandates treatment of wood containers prior to transport and entry into a foreign port. Companies who wish to ship goods overseas must comply with the material requirements found in ISPM 15.

One of the many advantages of utilizing Kronus’ pallet collars is they are specially treated (heat-treated) to surpass the standards of ISPM 15. The items your company ships may still need to be fumigated prior to delivery, in order to comply with the entry port’s legal requirements.

However, you can rest assured that your reusable, custom-fit pallet collars meet the international requirement necessary in order to ship your goods overseas.

Don’t get stuck with a refused international shipment! Rely on Kronus’ 20+ years of industry experience in delivering products that exceed industry standards in quality, durability and compliance. 

Environmentally Sustainable Warehouse, Delivery or Household Storage

The advantages of utilizing pallet collars goes far beyond the financial savings of minimizing labor costs and transportation fees. Reusable containers allow your logistics operation to become greener; minimizing landfill waste from one-time-use packing materials and allowing shipments to be shipped in the perfect sized containers.

Kronus pallet collars

With the attention that Climate Change has garnered in the past few years, it’s no wonder that the world’s top companies are focusing on “Green Initiatives” to lower their long-term operating costs, and connect with an increasingly environmentally conscious customer base.

In fact, Frito-Lay, a popular snack foods producer recently made the push to create a healthier potato chip, sold in a recyclable, biodegradable container.

Their SunChip line has increased sales and sparked a movement towards healthier, more sustainable snacking.

Imagine the marketing campaign that your brand could launch by announcing a shift to reusable storage solutions that weigh less because they are custom-constructed to contain the item that is being transported.

Avoiding landfills and minimizing fuel consumption through weight reduction that allows for more efficient shipping is a cause your customers will identify with.

Pallet Collars from Kronus are the perfect shipping supply to bolster your company’s reputation as a Green-leader in the marketplace. Are you ready to reach new consumers with a bold message about renewable shipping methods?

High-Quality, Customizable and Efficient Pallet Collars from Kronus

Is your company ready to upgrade its shipping and storage solution? Pallet Collars from Kronus are the perfect supplement to your company’s existing shipping and storage infrastructure. Certified for international shipments, pallet collars are the perfect shipping solution for transporting items across town, or around the world; whether by air, sea or ground.

Ordering your pallet collars directly from Kronus allows our team of shipping experts to tailor-fit our products to your company’s shipping needs. Don’t let your pallet collars get lost in the shuffle at a customer’s warehouse. Custom-branding and materials allow your pallet collars to stand out from the crowd.

Our Pallet Collars allow your company to stand out from the competition, making a statement in more ways than one. Build an advertising campaign that embraces the Green movement and connect with a new world of consumers.

Long gone are the days of shipping small items in large containers, just because all your wooden crates are one-size-fits-all. Pallet Collars allow you to custom-fit every shipping container to the items requested by your customers. If order quantities increase, instead of buying a whole new set of crates, just add a couple more pallet collars.

With our six-hinge design, your team will be able to efficiently assemble and disassemble your custom shipping solution in minutes. Use less space on your trucks when transporting what used to be empty crates. A pallet full of folded pallet collars can hold more than 40 boxes!

If you’re ready to make the switch, pick up the phone today or send us an email. We’re standing by to find the perfect solution for all of your company’s shipping needs!


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