Pallet Collars - The Best Way to Save Time and Money in Logistics

Pallets are part of the standard operating procedure in most supply chains. Pallets are not a new idea by any means. They first became popular in the 1940’s as a means to ship goods safely and quickly. Pallets are an essential part of any supply chain because they are so usable.

pallet collarsA pallet can be moved by a single worker, they are sturdy, reusable and Eco-friendly BUT they cannot be used alone. Pallets are sturdy but they do not protect items from spillage. Pallets do not have sides. They are skids that goods can be piled on but they are without surrounds so surrounds have to be added.

Over the years there have been different options for ensuring that the goods that are stacked on the pallets remain on the pallets but there is a superior option that is affordable. Historically options like plastic wrapping and pallet walls.

Plastic wrapping and pallet walls do prevent goods from spilling off the pallet but they both have issues. Plastic wrapping is not very reusable. As a matter of fact it is not reusable at all. Wrapping can work to hold materials in place but they are not great for stacking and to reduce the risk of tampering by unauthorized people.

Pallet walls are great for security but they are difficult to maneuver, store and use. You need to use tools to put together pallet walls. Of course they can be stacked but it can be a challenging. Plastic wrapping is a great option for short journeys but it is not great for storing or for shipping long distances because it is just not that stable.

Of course if you have ever tried to stack pallets that are wrapped in plastic you know that not only is it impossible but it is also dangerous so it is just not an option. Pallet walls can be stacked but they do have stacking limits.

Pallet collars make it easy to stack, store and speed up the entire logistics line both up and down the line.  There are many ways that pallet collars can assist you in improving your logistics line.


While there are different types of pallets like two sided or four sided pallets, pallet collars are versatile they are interchangeable and can be used on all types of pallets. In other words you do not have to buy separate types of collars for different types of pallets.

Pallet collars are constructed to work with all types of pallets which of course makes them an excellent option when you use different types of pallets or when different types of pallets come through your logistics chain.

A Better Option

When you want to save money and time you want to choose a tool that is easy to use yet solid enough to protect your goods. A better option is pallet collars. Pallet collars are an inexpensive option, they are easy to use and they provide security.

Pallet collars offer you several ways to save which we will look at.

The Savings

How important is an adjustable option for your packaging? It should be very important because adjustable means cost savings.  Pallet collars are easily height adjustable so that means you can makes sure that you are getting the most out of ever pallet space.

The pallet collars can be easily stacked one on top of the other to create a larger or smaller box which of course means that you can pack your pallets tighter and do not have to use fillers to take up the extra space left when you use other packaging material.  Using less fillers are ideal for not only the budget but they are great for the environment.

When you can control the height of the pallet box you can control the amount of goods that you ship or store without having to worry about paying to ship a half empty crate.

Pallet collars are also easily reusable which means that you have to invest less in these materials. Overall it is an excellent option when you want to save some money.

Ease of Use

Pallet collars are easy to use which makes them a more efficient option. No tools are needed to put together the pallet collars and no tools needed to take them apart. One person can easily put them together and take them apart which cuts back on the amount of labor that is expended on using pallet collars.

They fold easily to store them and can easily be retrieved to put them together. Unlike other options warehouse workers do not have to deal with awkward sized or shaped packaging materials. When you have a solution that requires only one person to use it is the right choice.

Stacking and shipping is made easier which in turn is also cost effective. Pallet collars can hold a great deal of weight so you can easily take advantage of the vertical storage space in your warehouse.  They do not “buckle” under the weight when you stack them.

Shipping is more cost effective when you use pallet collars.

Faster More Efficient Ship Times

How important is time in logistics? The answer is very important. Time is always of the essence. It is imperative. Reducing the amount of time it takes to load, unload and ship goods is directly relative to both profits and losses.

In this global economy time can be the determining factor between success and failure.  Being able to stay competitive can mean being able to keep to time constraints. When your customers want an order they want it on time and they will find someone else to meet their demands if you cannot.

Pallet collars can help to reduce your ship times substantially by making your goods easier to ship.

custom pallet collarsPallet collars create boxes that are of different heights which can make ship times faster and much more cost effective. The LTL (less than truckload) rate can be very high when you are using different types of packaging.

With the rising costs of fuels and transport it is very important to be able to get as much freight shipped at one time. Pallet collars can easily fit the bill. When you have a height adjustable packaging that can easily be adjusted to fit any size load you can make the most out of your transport options.

When you consider that a pallet that is fitted with pallet walls is of a fixed height that is often shipped half empty it becomes a lot easier to see that pallet colors and their height adjustability feature can mean more room and less empty space on the truck.

The costs of fuels is ever rising any steps that you can take that will reduce the LTL rate is a good step.  Instead of having to figure out logistically how you will combine half loads you can easily set half loads up using pallet collars.

Of course the fact that pallet collars are easily added to the pallet means that time is not wasted with tools trying to put together the shipment. Faster shipping means highly satisfied clients which of course turns into more clients and larger profits.

Always the Goal

Frankly anyone that works in logistics would see that pallet collars can revolutionize how items are shipped and stored. The goal in any logistic activity is to reduce costs, expedite the process and reduce risks. Reduced risks of course also means reduce costs. It seems almost too simple that making a change as easy as pallet collars can make such a substantial difference.

Pallet collars meets all of the criteria to meet the goals of any logistic activities. They are cost effective, time efficient and easy to manage. Meeting your logistics goals by take the simple step of adding pallet collars to your packaging instead of using other options is going to be a step in the right direction.

You will be able to save money, improve efficiency and save time by using these simple wooden collars. They also help to meet another money saving goal. They are easily reusable. Well-made pallet collars can be used over and over again which over the long haul means you have to buy less packaging material.

It is a great option for the environment because of their usability.  Since pallet collars can be reused many times over they are a great option for environmentally concerned organizations. Clearly being able to recycle and reuse pallet collars is a great way to help to promote environmental efforts.

When you are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve times than you should be looking at pallet collars. It is an affordable option that makes the most sense.

Speak with a packaging professional today to get a better idea of how you can add pallet collars to your logistics arsenal to save money and save time. It may be just the thing that you need to quickly make some changes and reduce your logistics costs without making major changes.


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