Protecting Precious Cargo: Transporting Wine Bottles Safely

There is a lot of work that goes into crafting the perfect bottle of wine. When you consider the hours, months and sometimes years that it takes to create wine, transportation can become a very stressful thought.

The amount of time that goes into creating the wine should not be destroyed by making poor packaging choices.

Transporting Wine Bottles Safely Wine is one of the hardest things to transport safely because of the glass bottles. There are some choices that are superior to others not only because of safety but because of cost effectiveness.

Finding the balance between what will safely transport your wine and what will keep shipping costs down is a very important consideration.

Your Options

There are a few “old standbys” when it comes to your choices for safely transporting wine:

  • Cardboard boxes with inserts stacked on a pallet
  • Reusable plastic boxes stacked on a pallet
  • Wooden slotted crates stacked on a pallet

The goal is to provide as much protection as possible when transporting wine bottles. In most cases the wine goes into individualized sections of a box of some sort and then it is stacked on a pallet.

Cardboard boxes with inserts are a good solution but stacking them on pallets and using shrink wrap to secure the boxes in place is not the best option.

Even sturdier plastic boxes are not safe if they are stacked alone on pallets and then secured with shrink wrap. There are some clear issues with using a pallet and shrink wrap like:

  1. Shrink wrap does not provide stability for the cases of wine nor does it prevent damage from other boxes falling into the pallet.
  2. Shrink wrap is also a waste, it cannot be reused, it is not good for the environment and it creates additional waste in the warehouse area.
  3. Securing the cases of wine onto the pallet and preventing them from being damaged by other cargo is not furthered by using shrink wrap.

When it comes to cost effectiveness shrink wrap is not the best choice. Historically shrink wrapping pallets of wine has been the traditional way to ship wine because a lot of attention was not given to environmental issues.

Today it is imperative that we find better ways to transport wine that also protects the environment. Before, losing wine to spillage and breakage during transportation was just considered the cost of doing business. Today, there is a better way to cut back on wasteful, costly loses from breakage and shipping.

Shrink wrapping your pallets is a disaster waiting to happen.

A Better Option

The fact is, you will likely never NOT need to use a pallet to ship your wine. Pallets are universally used as a means of shipping; many times, shipping concerns require that you use pallets. They are an expedient method of transporting all types of goods including cases of wine.

You can take a pallet and turn it into a flexible mode of transport for your wine by simply adding wooden pallet collars. Why are wooden pallet collars the solution you have been searching for?

There are three key elements that pallet collars bring to the table:

  1. Improved safety
  2. Security
  3. Flexibility

Reducing breakage is key in reducing overall costs when it comes to shipping wine. Wooden pallet collars do an excellent job of keeping the cases steady.

transporting wine bottles in pallet collarsWith pallet collars you do not have to worry about the packaging “giving” and allowing the cases to shift around. Pallet collars are sturdy and dependable when it comes to holding your cases safely.

Pallet collars also help to keep unauthorized entry to a minimum. It is very easy for someone to get into a pallet full of wine that has been shrink wrapped and help themselves to your product, but with sturdy collars in place it is a little more difficult for someone to gain entry.

Flexible packaging is one of the best choices you can make for your business. Having the ability to ship your products safely regardless of the size of the shipment is a huge advantage.

Pallet collars are a flexible option because they can easily be stacked to accommodate larger shipments and remove collars for smaller loads.

Flexible solutions like using collars to secure your product safely on the pallet can:

  • Reduce the amount of materials that are used
  • Reduce the amount of shipping storage that is needed
  • Free you to ship without limitations

Collars are easy to use and easy to store. Pallet collars are constructed without any tools, which makes them easy for anyone in your organization to put together. With collars on board you do not need to worry about storing giant rolls of shrink wrap or dealing with other shipping options like hinged crates.

Collars fold flat for easy space saving storage. They can be neatly tucked on a shelf.

This flexible option will help you to take control over your products by allowing you to create a safe shipping environment for your wine whether you are shipping 4 cases or 12 cases or more.  You have far more control over your shipment when you use pallet collars.

Other Benefits of Using Collars with Your Pallets

Keeping your goods safe and secure are the biggest benefits because it helps to reduce costs but it is not by far the only benefits. Environmental friendliness is a big pull when it comes to deciding whether you want to go with this modern option for shipping.

You can drastically reduce waste by switching from shrink wrapping to pallet collars. You can easily “brand” collars and start a return program with vendors and end users.

Simply stenciling your logo on the collar can help you to start a reuse program that will save you bundles on shipping materials costs and help the environment.

Wooden pallet collars are gentler on the environment than shrink wrap. Shrink wrap is discarded once your shipment arrives adding to packaging waste which is a tremendous issue for landfills. Making conscious choices about your packaging will improve your reputation with consumers.

Adding pallet collars to your shipping tools is cost effective, environmentally friendly and provides a better environment for your wine.


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