Storing screws and other fasteners - 5 main solutions

fastener storageSuccessfully and efficiently storing small objects is a challenge that we have all been facing for a while now. And as we tend to look for different unique solutions for these kind of problems we have managed to get along just fine.

Someone uses an old coffee container, while you choose to use an empty bottle of Gatorade. But the solutions that are so good at your home won’t work that way in the storage and transportation industry!

Is there a solution to deal with the problem of storing little object, such as screws, in the warehouse? Yes, there is! In fact, there are several solutions and you are the one to make the decision on choosing which fits your needs the most.

Nr.5 Carton

A simple box is something that we in the majority of situation see screws and other fasteners being transported in. And that is why cartons become to be also the storing solution for these little objects.

For a while this solutions works just fine, however there is a significant problem with the durability of this solutions as it wears of quickly and you can soon find yourself in situation when all of the screws go right through the bottom of the carton.

Nr.4 Dispenser

A screw or other small things dispenser is actually a smart solution, but only if there is a need to store relatively small amounts of those objects. For example, this solution could be used in a small workshop, where there is a need for a convenient solution.

At larger amounts however this solution would not work. Yet a custom built dispenser, with a large capacity could become to be one of the most efficient solutions for a retail warehouse.

The amount of screws and other fasteners that we have to work with is relatively large, but not enough to transport large packages for the customers.

Nr.3 Cells

Shelving racks with plastic boxes are a solution that is used worldwide within those businesses that are again working with relatively small quantities of these goods. Yet they are clearly perfect for demonstration and selection of the stored small parts.

The handling of screws or other fasteners is made easy with this solutions, however it fails to do so when large amounts are required. In other words, there is a need for additional packaging within the storage space or nearby in order to refill the empty plastic boxes.

Which means you are using two solutions at the same time and as we know, not only does that take away free space, but it increases the costs of maintenance as well!

Nr.2 Wooden box

It is clear to us that we need to think about such solutions that would allow us to store significantly larger amounts of screws and other fasteners. The classical wooden boxes seem to be the kind of solution that give us exactly what is needed.

They are durable and there is a chance to store relatively large amounts of these small objects. Of course, it can be operated with the help of special equipment. Yet to work efficiently there is a need for a solutions that is more convenient for all workers.

What is more, wooden boxes do not give us the chance to demonstrate these small parts. And the access is not convenient at all. And of course, each box contains only a specific type of fasteners so that they don't mix together.

Are you looking for the best warehouse optimization solution?

Try Pallet Collars

Nr.1 Pallet collar dividers

As we know pallet collars allow us to replace the classical wooden boxes and there is no doubt that they are more convenient. Of course, they give us the chance to store relatively large amounts of specific goods and because they are stackable we can adjust the height of the packaging so that it is easier to work with them.

pallet collar dividers

The pallet collar dividers give us the chance to store different types of small objects such as screws or other fasteners in a single packaging, without them mixing together. And they also give us the chance to demonstrate them if we choose to use the benefits of pallet collars.

There is easy access provided even when the packages are stored in multilevel and of course, made from quality materials they are highly durable.

All together we can see that all of the most important factors are combined into a single solution and that is why pallet collars with dividers are the number one solution for the storage of screws or other fasteners.

Of course, we have to remember that we have to look at the specific situation we are in and choose the solution based on that. We should at all times think about convenience and efficiency to achieve the best longtime results in this industry.

As we know storing different small objects efficiently in large amounts is not an easy thing to do. Therefore we have to choose the best solution that we can benefit the most from.


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