The Biggest Mistake You Can Make - Not Using Flexible Packaging Solutions to Optimize the Warehouse

Let’s face facts there are a lot of mistakes that are made in any business. Narrowing down the mistakes by sector can taking the steps to correct them can really help to reduce costly errors, improve workflow and increase revenue.

Some of the mistakes that are made in business are such simple errors that once they are pointed out, it can feel a bit embarrassing to know that you did not think of it as an issue before. For the purpose of this article we will look at common mistakes that are made in warehousing.

Warehousing compromises a big chunk of the costs that any business has to deal with so getting those errors out of the way can easily reduce costs and increase the cash flow. Of course there are other benefits to reducing errors in the warehouse that we will look at as well.

Storage Optimization

One of the biggest mistakes that you can find in any warehouse is that the storage is not being optimized. Every warehouse has the same issues. The footprint is only but so big (no matter how big the warehouse is) which means that you only have limited floor space to work with.

To increase your storage capabilities, you have to take advantage of the vertical space. The most efficient warehouses use the vertical space to add more effective storage. Looking to the ceiling for more storage is an easy way to keep aisles clear and to organize the rows more efficiently.

Of course you have to have the right tools to be able to take full advantage of the vertical space that is available. Adding things like pallet collars to your storage options is a good way to really take advantage of that unused space.

Most packing options cannot hold the weight of other items being stacked but pallet collars can do a nice job of standing up to the weight.

Another great benefit of using pallet collars is their flexibility, if you walk into your warehouse right now and started opening boxes how many would you find half full? Likely quite a few.

When you use things like boxes and crates in your storage you are not able to adjust the size of the box to fit the amount of items that are in the box.

You are paying to store dead space. Any box that is not full is just taking up unnecessary space. If you could create a storage option that could be adjusted so that half empty boxes were not taking up space, you would get a lot more out of your warehouse space.

Pallet collars offer the ability to create different height boxes by simply slipping more or less collars on to a pallet. They are sturdy and can easily be stacked without fear or compromise to the structure. It may be one of the easiest steps you take to improve the amount of space and function you have in the warehouse.

Making the most out of the space you have right now comes down to being able to adjust your packaging to fit your needs instead of adjusting the amount of space that you have.

Safety First!

Injuries in the warehouse are constant and costly. Reducing the incidents of injuries is also possible with flexible storage options that do not require tools to construct.  There is a couple of rules of thumb to keeping your warehouse safer for your labor force:

  • Less is more
  • Organization heightens safety standards
  • Efficiency reduces injuries

Less is more, it is a simple idea that will work well in every aspect of your warehouse. Less packaging and less steps that need to be taken with the packaging will help to reduce the chance of injuries.

Some packaging options like wooden crates are exceptional for protecting your goods but they fail short when it comes to making it easier for your labor force because they are awkward and hard to move around. More importantly anytime you introduce the need for tools to be used in the construction or deconstruction of packaging you are opening up the door to potential injuries.

pallet collarsPallet collars are a great selection when it comes to reducing injuries because one person can put them together without any tools at all. Of course they can also be taken apart by one person without any tools.

You are able to not only reduce the use of tools but also able to reduce the number of people that have to be assigned to working on construction, deconstruction and movement. Pallet collars are a great example of “less is more” in the warehouse.

Organization is key to getting the most out of your warehouse and reducing risk as well. The flexible storage solutions can help to keep the warehouse well-organized and safer for everyone.

Keeping goods out of the way by using a flexible option that allows you to stack safely is a big advantage. It is a simple advantage that will allow your labor to efficiently move around the warehouse and reduce the risk of spillage and injuries.

Studies have shown us that efficiency reduces injuries. The more efficient the warehouse is the less likely you will be dealing with costly injuries. Efficiency comes down to being able to flexible, easy to use storage options that are well-thought out.

Improve the Workflow

Adding pallet collars to your storage options is an easy way to improve the workflow and to reduce costs. It does seem like it is such a simple solution, because it is.

Some of the biggest errors in business are caused by the simplest mistakes. Getting the right storage options on board can easily improve the workflow in your warehouse and increase your revenue.

A brief audit of your warehouse can help you to see how flexible storage can really change the way you do business!


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