These 10 Logistics posts Will Improve Your Business

To perform better within logistics it is always important to gain new skills, knowledge and viewpoints at the industry. As there are many secrets to perfect a performance, along with the never ending improvements of technology and unstable world economics, it is highly important for professionals to take into account the viewpoint of others.

Taking a different look at the industry all together or at any specific part of it might change the way you carry out different tasks or manage a company. Here are 10 useful blogposts from authors that might know something that you don’t about the logistics industry.


A week in the Logistics

There is no doubt that we should start off by following the news in this industry, as it allows to take a deeper loot at different ongoings and could change ones decision making. Learning more about the affect that migrant actions leave on the trucking industry could help you decide on choosing partners from specific countries.

But even if migrant actions are considered to be a crisis, it is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many changes happening each and every day in and around the logistics industry. It always helps to know just a little more than others.

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Are you a target of transportation theft?

The majority of transportation thefts have something in common. Which gives you a chance to effectively avoid such incidents if you take into account what is known about the actions of transportation thieves! As it turns out, making the best logistics decisions is a threat while it makes truck routes and stops more predictable.

It is without a doubt worth asking yourself, have you ever taken into account such a risk factor while planing your companies logistics? If not, it is definitely worth knowing more!

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Maximize without expansion

As the number of deliveries increases along with seasons any company within the industry could face the problem of effectively using warehouse space. Before you consider dislocating your business to a larger warehouse, it is worth thinking about using the most of what you already have.

Bigger is not always better! And as there are many ways to optimize your warehouse space you should be able to find the one that fits your business most. Remember that maximizing warehouse space without expansion could significantly help your business grow.

Is there a chance to find the new Chine?

World economics is something you should take into account even if you work locally. Not to mention the impact world economics have on global supply chains. And as China is experiencing a decline in stock markets it leaves a significant affect on those who engage in global supply chains with this state.

For now the question remains the same. Is there any chance that we could find a new China to improve Global Supply Chains?

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Stop making the usual mistakes

If there is anything that stops your logistics business from growing, it could be that you are still making the same common mistakes. Therefore you are facing the same problems over and over again.

Sales and operations planning is more significant than you have guest so far. And there is no doubt that by improving this part of your business, you could boost the growth of your company significantly.

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Investing in what matters pays off

To improve quality of the work that you do within the logistics industry it is worth thinking about investing you money and time in what matters the most. And US ports are a great example of that. The old infrastructure has to be substituted by new technologies and modern, 21 century-like solutions.

In the end, it is without a doubt your decision of where to invest. At the same time, one should keep in mind the example of US ports, as the importance of shipping overseas is growing.

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Are you looking for the best warehouse optimization solution for your business?

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Market update for you to know more

As mentioned earlier, news can always be helpful when it comes to making the most out of each decision. We can without a doubt say the same about more specific industry updates.

As driver shortage is still a significant problem, supply chains have to look for new ways to improve logistics. Along with diesel price decline there is a lot to keep in mind. Which makes it easier to learn from those, who follow different changes in the industry!

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eCommerce and logistics

The growth of eCommerce is without a doubt such factor that supply chain managers should take into account. For some, this could be a chance to boom deliveries, as there is a chance to adapt your company to the upcoming changes.

12% in Europe alone: that is the expected growth rate of eCommerce annually for two of three years ahead of us. And those who will be there to get the most out of it, should be the ones that will work and earn more.

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Finding warehouse space

Owning additional warehouse space in a foreign country is crucial for companies that are a part of the global supply chain. Yet it is worth knowing where to look for warehouses in order to find exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that there are many places in which it is extremely hard to find warehouse space. Which means you should consider making the needed changes in your supply chain in order to work better!

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Simple, forgotten warehousing skills

Speed, accuracy and prioritizing are the three essential skills that each worker of any warehouse should hold. Yet they seem to be so obvious that companies have stopped talking about them. And as it happens, only a handful of companies in each region still takes these skills into account.

All this means is that you have a chance to take a step forward simply by remembering what matters the most in this industry.

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Remember that it is highly important for specialists of this industry to never stop learning.


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