Top 10 logistics articles to read this month

logistics articles to read this month

We continue to look at what different experts are saying about the changes in the transportation industry, as we understand how important is it to understand the way different factors affect our work, as well as the work of our clients.

It is clear that the industry all together is moving forward and experiencing different changes. For those who work within the industry it is highly important to follow these changes in order to make the right decisions for development.

The situation with truckers

The work of truckers has been crucial for the transportation industry for a long time and it seems that without them, the whole industry could simply collapse. It seems like the time has come to seriously start considering different new transportation options as the shortage of truckers is only growing.

There are different factors that influence the work of truckers and there are many reasons for them to leave this work. The only thing we can do is look for new alternatives of transportation. For those whose work relays completely on truckers it is the last time to develop.

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How will further economic slowdown affect the industry?

It is no secret the signs of economic slowdown can significantly influence the work in different industries. And because there are many of such sings showing now, companies all around the world are starting to take action. Different actions that will mainly influence suppliers.

Which means that suppliers need to take action as well and consider possible alternatives that would allow them to continue their work!

What is more, the signs of economic slowdown are something that should be taken into account by every company in order to make the right decisions before the negative effect is felt!

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Everything is going mobile

The times are changing and there is no doubt that different mobile devices are used more than ever before. Even when it comes to such industries as transportation.

Mobile sales are going up and now with Black Friday being right around the corner it is more important that ever to consider going mobile as well. Statistics show that using mobile content can significantly increase the sales of different companies around the world.

And it is important to understand that using content for mobile sales is not even that hard.

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Developing inventory forecasting

Predicting future revenue and demand can allow you to clean up space in the warehouse by avoiding that wasted products are taking up the space. Therefore it is important to take into account the rules for cost-effective forecasting for the inventory.

One of the key rules to keep in mind is that there isn't a single technique that would work for every company. That means each company has to pay attention to how exactly the best results could be achieved in their warehouse.

Will drones affect us too?

Up until now radio controlled drones where associated with toys and nothing more. Yet it seems like there is a lot that can be done with this technology, when it is developed to a higher level.

Some companies have started to use drones to deliver packages and it seems like in the future this possibility could affect us significantly. Of course, what has been transported by trucks and ships will be transported the same way for some more time.

But it is always important to remember that new technologies affect each and every industry.

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Longest ship for Chennai Port

We are always happy to see that there are ports that are always moving forward. For Chennai Port it has been a great step forward with the Maersk Serangoon berthing.

Improving ports capabilities is crucial at todays situation. As mentioned before using ports could be more important in the nearest future. Therefore ports like these are the ones that could gain more benefit from the changes in the market.

SDV expands in Thailand

More topics on expansion only prove that companies around the world are thinking big. And there is a good reason for that we take into account how the market and the industry is changing.

When it come to a new logistics center with the total surface of 20,000 square feet there is a lot to benefit from. Such logistics centers in crucial points for the logistics change the overall situation not only for warehousing but for supply chain all together.

We have to learn from such companies in order to make the right decisions in the future as well. Investing in expansion could pay of well, if everything is done at the right time.

New global logistic hubs

Several cities of China are starting to play a growing role in global logistics. Industry experts say that these particular places could become crucial for the whole industry as more international trade travels thru China.

What it means for companies like yours is that we have to look for new partners. For partners that do business in cities, that are fast growing, with developing infrastructure and so on. Moving to new transportation ways now could help different companies to grow in the future. Yet it is important to understand how exactly the benefits of such logistics hubs can be used.

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Changes in supply chain

Supply chain management is more complex than ever before. And to improve, it is important to understand what the future holds for us.

Actually, there is a lot to learn from the leaders of the industry even now. It is proved that simple changes in the decision making regarding supply chain can significantly change the whole work of a particular company. Of course, in a positive way.

It seems like it is up to managers to change the future of this industry. But to do so it is more important than ever before to learn and understand just how things work in the developed world we live and work in.

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Safety from thieves

New solutions are used not only to improve the quality of the work different companies do. They are also used for security reasons. Intermodal Cartage Co. has found a way to put a stop to the problems with regular guest in the form of thieves on their yard.

A solar-powered security system is being used to secure the perimeter. For others this could be a good lesson that different problems can be solved with different solutions. All that has to be done is some thinking on how can we use new solutions for our own good.

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