What exactly is a pallet collar?

opened pallet collar

In a warehouse, on the road or in-between both of these processes there is always a need for efficiency and safety while different particular types of products are leaving the manufacturer to meet the customer. Pallets and pallet collars are two of the most important solutions that are used to fulfil all of the requirements of high quality product transportation. 

greened pallet collarHowever these solutions are not always recognised by customers or transportation service providers. Even when custom wooden pallets are widely used all around the world, the pallet collars are still a solution that a significant portion of customers or transportation service provides do not know of.

It is said to be a great solution for both storage and transportation. But what exactly  is a pallet collar? To find the answer to this question one should start all over again by taking a look at the very basics of the process of transportation.


A need for effectiveness

The distribution of different products in a fast and effective way is highly important in a globalised world. This somewhat complex process of distributing products within a particular state, a region or all over the world consists of several smaller actions that should be carried out precisely, to provide the best possible service.

And in order to do so, all of the aspects that affect this process should be taken into account. Yet there is no doubt that it is most important to ensure that these products are easy to carry and that it is effective to store them.


Store and transport

Storage and transportation are the two main parts of the process of product distribution and it is most important to turn attention on the factors that are fundamental for highly effective and fast execution of these actions.

To ensure that this process becomes more effective pallets where introduced to customers and transportation service providers. This was the one solution that allowed different types of products to be stored and transport easily and effective. And as you might know pallets are now used to store and transport a large number of different products. This solution has become fundamental for the process of product distribution within specific regions or worldwide.

However a simple pallet is not suitable in all situations of transportation, because of a variety of different reasons such as safety which is highly important when it comes to high quality transportation service.

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A wooden box is not a solution

In order to provide the needed safety wooden boxes have been and still are used. Yet over time even the wooden box proves not to be a solution for this problem in the process of product distribution. There are simply too many drawbacks that customers and transportation service provides have to face when simple wooden boxes are used.

And it is important to understand that every drawback means that the effectiveness of storage and transportation becomes lower. And as there is a need for a solution that would suit all of the needs the pallet collars are introduced.


Pallet collars

Pallet collars have proven to be the ideal solution for everyone who uses pallets to store and transport different types of products. When it comes to the packaging of compact, friable to bulky products pallet collars can offer you several advantages which all together form the most professional solution for logistics.

From packaging and storage to transportation and unloading - pallet collars help to ensure that the process of product distribution is fast, safe and effective. The one type of reusable packaging that is easy to use and highly economic.

rear view of pallet collarWooden pallet collars are a storage system that consists of wooden boards that are held together with hinges. By stacking pallet collars on simple pallets it is possible to form a protective box in the needed height. The adjustable height makes this type of packaging easy to use while it can be adapted for different situation and different products, with less unnecessary space taken.

And when the collars are not in use or are being transported it is possible to fold them so that they use less space. It is possible because of the hinges that are used here.

The flexible construction and high durability materials make pallet collars the ideal substitute for classic wooden boxes and allow you to optimise the space of your warehouse. Transportation of products is fast, cost effective and safe.

And the process of unloading is made a lot easier with the possibility to remove the collars one by one. All tougher pallet collars are the one solution that improves all of the different parts of product distribution. It is a solution that is simple yet height effective and has proven to provide users with several benefits that over time can influence working process in a significant scale.



To ensure that customers and transportation service providers can do their work without being worried about how suitable are pallet collars for the products they store and transport different types of collars are available. They differ in height, size and flexibility. And for the records, it is easy to customise them to suit every needs perfectly.

There are of course standard pallet collars that come in standard heights which have proven to be most popular. The standard heights are 400, 300, 200 and 100 mm, each of which is more suitable for different products. As mentioned before pallet collars are made from wooden boards that are held together with hinges.

This allows to fit the specific needs of any customer by producing collars in specific heights. These precise and adjustable heights are what makes this solution friendly for warehouse storage and transportation.

When it comes to product packaging, storing and transportation in high quality the size of the packaging matters a lot. This why not only the height, but also the size of collars is adjustable. To fit different pallets and to ensure that the products that are packaged are safe there is a wide variety of different sizes available.



Variety of sizes and the possibility to adjust the height by stacking collars on one another is what makes them the number one solution. Storing products at height is a lot more easy and safe, therefore the usable storage of any warehouse is increased. It also allows to reduce the amount of consumable packaging that is used, therefore waste is reduced.

Altogether collars will help anybody to ensure that the warehouse is well organised and transportation in easy.

It is also worth mentioning that the number of hinges on a single collar can be adjusted to suit the needs of any customer or transportation service provider. This is the one thing that allows to reduce the space taken by collars when not in use even more. And it is one of the most important things that makes collars such a great solution.


Storing and transporting collars

Storing solutions when pallets themselves are not in use is highly important. And this is where the usage of hinges comes in handy. If a wooden box is stored, there is basically empty air being stored at the warehouse. And that means that there is an enormous amount of space used for nothing. Of course, that is something any warehouse or transportation company would like to avoid.

As mentioned before hinges allow the design of collars to be flexible. Therefore when they are not in use it is possible to fold them. When stored or transported it allows to take up significantly less space. And the folding is fast and easy.

Pallet collars are available with 4 or 6 hinges and it all depends on your needs. The collar with 6 hinges, for example, is the best solution for relatively small spaces.

To understand just how much space is saved with flexible collars we can take a look at an example. Imagine that you would need a safe type of packaging for products that would take up the space of, lets say, 20 m3.

When this packing would not be in use and you would still need to store it or transport it, it would simply take up a lot of free space that could be used otherwise. In this case flexible collars would allow you to store this amount of packaging more efficiently and it would only take up the space of approximately 3 m3. The difference here is significant and this is exactly why pallet collars are known to be the best solution for both warehouse storage and transportation.


Dividers, doors and more

When some more specific products need to be stored or transported there is a possibility to use dividers that work alike the collars. You can choose to use them when needed and it will allow to separate products from one another, while they will be still packaged together. Again, this allows to use less space and makes transportation faster, cheaper and easier.

When used in warehouse different packages should allow workers to access the products in these packages easily. To provide this possibility special hinges are used that allow to open one of the sides of a collar.

opened pallet collar

And these are only some of the many possibilities that are provided by pallet collars that are, without a doubt the best solution for storage and transportation. Fast and effective transportation of  different products with safe and economic storage. A solution that everybody using pallets should consider.

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