Why Should You Invest in Reusable Packaging?

The global economy is on the rebound and it is rebounding far faster than most of the experts expected. There are a few things that any manufacturer can do to increase the chance that they will be able to take advantage of this growth spurt.

Times are Changing

Innovative companies will take advantage of the new trends in packaging to get the attention of their client base. Whether you are a manufacturer of an end product or you are part of a supply chain that does most of their business in a business to business model you are going to have to step up your packaging game to remain a relevant competitor in today’s market.

Reusable PackagingIt can be hard to let go of traditional methods, especially when they have been working for you but the time has come when looking at some new options that are modern and more in line with what people expect today has come.

It is not going to be acceptable for much longer to use old outdated approaches to packaging.

Both consumers and governments are demanding a new approach to packaging it is not considered “good enough” to do things the old way.

As consumers become more demanding on global climate issues it is quickly becoming an issue that affects every aspect of manufacturing.

Businesses are starting to be held to much higher standards when it comes to not only how they manufacture goods but also how they package goods.

Staying competitive and managing some growth may come down to what type of packaging you are using in your organization.

Frankly the environmental impact of packaging is really out of control. The EU has taken some very progressive steps to try to reduce the packaging waste crisis and will continue to tighten the reins to “reign” in the waste generators.  According to The Plastic Data Alliance:

Seven countries landfilled more than 50% of their plastic packaging waste.

Recyclable packaging can further reduce waste tremendously.

Recycle, Reuse

One of the key factors that consumers and regulatory agencies are going to be looking for in the future is what your company is doing to show you care about your effect on the environment.

The companies that are going to see the biggest growth are the companies that are going to be perceived as “green”. The greener your company is the better off it will fare in this economy.

Recyclable packaging and green practices will propel your company into a much more advantageous condition. The reality is you cannot afford to lose the business that you will if you do not consider your reputation with the public.  

Savvy consumers are not just looking at what the end product brand is doing but they are looking up and down the supply chain to see what manufacturers are doing across the board.

Environmental issues are everyone’s issues and consumers and well as regulatory agencies are changing the way they do business and any smart business that wants to stay in the running will have to change their ways as well.

The fact is that manufacturing and other industries are really under fire and a tremendous amount of pressure to change how they do business and it includes changing their packaging options.

Regulatory agencies and the public are holding business and industry responsible for the actions that they take to minimize their carbon footprint and they are looking across the entire supply chain for evidence that businesses are committed to making the necessary changes.

It is not good enough to talk about change any longer. The environment is in real trouble as evidenced by the change in weather and according to the scientists. Less is quickly becoming the way to make more.

Recyclable packaging benefits the environment but it also benefits the business.

It’s Cheaper

At the end of the day when all the costs have been tallied, recyclable packaging is cheaper. It is less expensive than other traditional packaging options because you have to buy less but that is not the only place you save.

There is less waste to worry about and pay for. There is less packaging to store. Less packaging that gets wasted and winds up in the landfill. The list of benefits is extensive which all point to reducing costs for your company. There are some studies that indicate by using recyclable packaging you can reduce your costs by more than 50%.

Of course reducing costs means you can reduce prices. If you want to endear yourself to consumers and other businesses, reduce your pricing or simply do not increase prices and you company will be endeared! The savings that other companies have experienced by switching to reusable packaging is well documented in all the trade magazines.

It would be foolish to not switch based just on the costs alone.

Take the Steps Today

There is no time like the present to improve your companies position in the economy. Change does not have to come overnight, you can implement it slowly and one step at a time but do understand if you wish to stay in the running you will have to make the changes.

Start today by doing an audit of what you are using and what you can replace it with. You will be surprised when you start crunching the numbers that making the change is going to be far more affordable than you may have been led to believe.

You will also be surprised when you start looking at how much waste your organization is dealing with. Waste is costly on so many levels. Reducing the waste that your organization generates and having reliable packaging that can be reused is going to change the way you do business.

It will also change the level of costs that you deal with. It will promote a better reputation and increase your business.

If you want to stay competitive and enjoy some growth you will need to reevaluate how you are using packaging.


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