Wooden Packaging Manufacturing Trends for 2016

wooden packaging manufacturing trends 2016

There are a few things that drive the wooden packaging manufacturing trends but none more important that public pressure and regulatory measures.

This year is no different than any other year when it comes to manufacturing trends for wooden packaging materials, it is still being driven by regulatory activity and public demand. However, public perception and regulatory activity have changed. 

Each year for the last decade or so there has been more and more pressure on industry as a whole to come up with solutions that are kinder to the environment.

Packaging waste in the form of paper, cardboard and foam is clearly under the microscope so industry has been moving away from these packaging materials and looking toward a more sustainable option. Wood has really become a far more popular material for packaging purposes.

The Race is On

In 2016 the main focus is to create wooden options that are sustainable, returnable and finally recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. The competition with plastic pallets and plastic returnable crates has been a battle for a while but the battle has really stepped up recently.

Pallet manufacturers worldwide are taking steps so that wood becomes the preferred material for companies that are looking for returnable/recyclable options by using sustainable wood sources and being proactive in the proper treatment of the wood to meet the highest standards.

Environmental Friendly Production Tactics

Another big trend this year is wood storage manufacturers practicing what they preach. They are taking steps to make their entire operation a much greener place to work so that their products are a much greener option for industry.

Being diligent about where they are sourcing their wood from and in the manufacturing process to ensure that they are acting in an environmentally sound manner is probably the biggest trend this year.

Selling wood as a viable option for returnable packaging to help reduce waste really starts with the manufacturer of the wood packaging.

The trends this year are to take a good look around the manufacturing plant and see what can be done to reduce the waste of creating the returnable packaging options.

There is far more focus today then there ever has been on the process of creating the packaging.

People are not happy looking only at the end product they are looking all the way down the supply chain to see where every aspect of the product comes from and how those businesses are handling their business.

By taking the necessary steps toward green production activities wood packaging manufacturers are providing a great service to their clients. They are helping to shore up business for their clients by showing the public that they care about the process.

Growth Potential

This year there is a huge potential for growth for any wood packaging manufacturer that is focused on:

  • Quality production
  • Sustainable resources
  • Environmentally friendly activities
  • Product development

Quality, sustainable, environmental are all the keywords this year that are on trend. If you can meet those needs as a manufacturer you can expect exceptional growth this year.

The reality is that the trend this year will not be one that fades, it will be the trends that become the standard procedures over the next few years.

Sustainable resources will be a huge factor in the coming years. Quality has never gone out of style but the definition changes. Quality used to mean “well made” now it has to mean “well made” “long lasting” “recyclable and returnable”.

Customers are less willing to settle for use once and go type quality. They HAVE to have products that are going to have a closed lifecycle and never wind up in the landfill because that is what is going to be required of them here shortly.

The general “attitude” toward plastics is a bit hostile so that has really bumped up the business opportunities for the firms that are responding to the demand for sustainable, quality, returnable wood packaging.

If you can get ahead of the crowd by producing wood products that come from sustainable sources that are fully recyclable and that are built to be returnable there is unlimited growth potential. Don’t forget you have to also be able to do it in a factory that is built to be environmentally friendly.

Buy Back/Repairs/Recycling

Another huge trend that is hard to miss is the buyback/repair/recycling that most wood packaging companies are offering. Wood is 100% recyclable and many manufacturers have recognized the value in buying back or offering to repair and recycle pallets and other containers that have made it to the end of their useful lifespan.

It is a cost savings to the manufacturer and a cost savings to the client. Of course it is also a great way to bolster “green” status! If you are not doing it, you should be!

The Time Frame

It took over 80 years to build up to the use of the packaging that has historically been used but seemingly the planet does not have another 80 years for industry to change their ways.

The trends this year are really a sign of the times. The “trend” is really not a trend at all it is the beginning of the changes that will have to be made.

Regulatory agencies on a global level are coming together to help get waste and pollution under control so it will no longer be “what can we get away with in this country” there will be global changes that will be blanket regulations.

The time frame to get on board with the trends is now. Making small changes each month to move toward greener manufacturing is doable for any size activity. Of course if you can make them all at once that would be ideal.

On the upside of things, industry will pay more for quality wood packaging that is produced by a manufacturer that is on the same “green” path as their company because it is good for their business.

Now is the time to get on board with these trends!


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