Infographic - Lifecycle of a pallet collar


Have you ever wondered what happens to wooden pallets after the goods are stored in shelves or are used in any other way? We see pallets being used everywhere, but where do they come from and who takes care of them?

The lifecycle of each wooden pallet depends on the way it is being used and you can see that clearly in this beautiful infographic. Take a look to have better understanding of what happens to the wooden pallets that you use and learn to be careful when operating with them.

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Infographic - Lifecycle of a pallet collar

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The lifecycle of every wooden pallet is relatively simple and is directly related to the way we use these pallets. Which means that we have to operate with them carefully in order to work efficiently in longterm.

Refurbished pallets that have been used are a great way to save resources and that is why it is so important to understand the lifecycle of a wooden pallet. 


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