Infographic - pallet collar accessories


Pallet collars are designed and manufactured for us to store different types of products in a safe packaging while allowing us to save space. But there is a lot more we can do if we choose to use some of the different accessories that work so well with pallet collars.

Each and every one of them made for you to work better. So take a closer look at what is there for you and think about the ways to use them for your own good.

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Pallet collars accessories

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Some of these might come in handy in different situations and it is important for you to understand what to use in order to work even better. When different products need to be stored close together but can’t mix or when easy access for specific goods is needed.

All of the problems we know so well can be solved with the help of pallet collar accessories. Organise your warehouse in a whole new level and do more efficient work in long term.


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