How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

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My name is Maris, and I represent company KRONUS. Today I will tell you about the use of wooden frames in growing flowers and vegetables.

Garden box or frames for flowerbeds fully meets the standards of Scandinavian minimalism; furthermore, such plant containers are simple, convenient and allow you to have a garden on rocks or in other unsuitable soil conditions. 
Now garden box is popular here as well!

There are many reasons why gardeners choose growing boxes. The main three reasons could be these: garden box ensures cleanliness during maintenance; the height of the construction makes it easier to tend your plants, especially if you have back problems; if everything is done properly, there are no weeds in such containers.

This time we will make a flowerbed and a box for growing vegetables.

At first, we have to choose a location.
The choice depends on plants you intend to grow as well as the purpose of the box – it can also be used as a zoning tool.
When the location is selected, let’s get to work!

We’ll use a garden box made of pallet sides, sand and keramzit, soil, plants, water and gardening tools.
Let’s make a garden box which will be a simple task to do!

In case of a flowerbed, the base must be covered with keramzit. If you intend to make a bed for edible plants, you must use sand. This is important for drainage system. Failing to observe this stage, water can damage roots of your plants.

Then the box must be filled with plant-appropriate soil. 
In this case, we will use simple topsoil.

Now, let’s start planting! At first, we’ll take a look at flowerbeds.
Nowadays, it is popular to grow flowers, herbs and medicinal plans all in the same place. The leaves of medicinal plants you can use for tea, e.g. mint, sage, lavender and other herbs.

Since purple is the color of this summer, sage and lavender will be just what we need!
Purple is one of the best colors for gardening due to its ability to ensure a special atmosphere in your garden.

These flowers will bloom throughout the summer. They also nicely cohabit and have decorative looks.

When everything is done, all you have to do is water the plants.
Now we can make a bed for vegetables and salads.

Nowadays, it is popular – and I even dare to say important – to grow your own biological vegetables which are not subjected to pesticides and other chemicals.
We’ll plant tomatoes, various vegetables and herbs. When the planting is done, plants must be carefully watered.

It is truly easy to tend your plants in the garden box. The box is rather high and filled with pure topsoil. There are no weeds in the box and, therefore, all you have to do is regularly water your plants.

The plants we have chosen here are rather simple and do not require any special grooming, but there is no doubt that they will be a treat for your eyes throughout the summer.
If you look for something stylish and unusual, you can paint your garden box in any color, e.g. purple.

My name is Māris and I wish you a great and sunlit summer!



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