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New pallet collars

Wooden pallet collars are very convenient, economic type of reusable packaging for various types of bulky, compact or friable products. They are highly durable, have flexible construction, allow to optimize warehouse space. Brilliant solution for professional logistics from reliable manufacturer and supplier!


Easy to transport

Standard packaging = 108 collars per pallet. If required, the amount of collars per pallet can be changed.

Folded pallet collars
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108 collars per pallet
3 m3
Folded pallet collars
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21 m3



1 Full truck = 2808 pallet collars = 550 m3


Collar height

All standard pallet collars heights are available: 100, 200, 300, 400 mm. And any custom height can be produced to fit our clients product sizes.





Collar size

Size doesn't matter?! To be sure your products feel comfy and safe while travelling or waiting in a warehouse, Kronus provides all types of standardized and customized sizes  within length of 300 - 3500 mm. We know: size does matter!

Pallet collar dividers

Pallet collar dividers are easy way to segment, store and move small or different product groups on a single pallet. Even more dividers allow to save resources – money and working hours, because there is no more need for additional packaging!



Painted pallet parts and your company logo help identify, register and organize products in the warehouse, as well as improve your brand recognition in the market!

Hinges color:
Board color:
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Distance keeper

Multi level storage often faces the problem of goods accessibility. Now it's easy – distance keepers make access to your goods fast and easy, as also help to organize and optimize warehouse space.


Distance keeper / Wooden packaging / Pallet collars and systems for storage solutions

Pallet collar hinges

6 hinged pallet collars requires less space when stored or transported. They are convenient to use even in small spaces. And 6 hinges are so fast and easy to fold that you'll need to find an extra work for your warehouse employees!


Collar materials

Various loads and storage conditions = different requirements to materials. Choose the most reliable materials according to your needs!



Plastic pallet collar corners protect products and packaging from accidental damage by reducing risk of shifting and falling while moved or stored in multi levels.

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Doors and lids

Protection of goods, ease of multi level storage and fast and convenient access to products or conversely – restriction of access. Doors and lids offer even more!

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Label holders

Managing your warehouse is even easier now! Special label holders make it convenient to mark, track and organize goods without impact on the pallet collar appearance.

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