New wooden pallets 1000×1200

Designing products that fit your needs in every way is important for KRONUS. Therefore pallets that can be moved with hand pallet trucks as well as forklifts are manufactured from hardwood and softwood. All for you to have the kind of pallets that you want to store and transport different goods on.

Size: 1000x1200x117 mm
Weight: 15.7 kg
Capacity: 400 kg

Refurbished Pallets 1000×1200

If you are looking for a way to save financial resources and use nature-friendly products, then reconditioned pallets might be just what you are looking for. Everything you need is ensured by KRONUS – the full turnover of your pallets is there for you.

High-quality refurbished pallets are a packaging and transportation solution that businesses of different sizes can benefit from.

This cost-effective solution does not affect the process of storage and transportation as only durable pallets are returned to the customer after refurbishing.

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