New pallets 800×1200

Storage and transportation of goods is what most pallets are used for and to provide for your needs both softwood and hardwood is used in manufacturing. Designed so that you can use hand pallet trucks or a forklift to lift them.

Size: 800x1200x117 mm
Weight: 13.2 kg
Capacity: 400 kg

Refurbished Pallets 800×1200

Saving your financial resources is now easy with nature-friendly reconditioned pallets. The full turnover of product is provided by KRONUS – from returning used pallets to a new delivery of reconditioned ones.

Using refurbished pallets allows companies to reduce costs in short-term as well as to develop in long-term.

The certified maintenance ensures that no problems with the used pallets will occur after they are deliver back to the customer. Which means small as well as large business can greatly benefit from this solution!

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