Used pallets

"KRONUS is the best choice for used pallets in the Baltic states."

We provide a full range for the collection, repair, delivery and disposal of used wooden pallets.

A stock of 70000 pallets of various size and purpose is available daily for your needs

Advantages of used pallets


The standard size used pallets save up to 50% of your funds compared to new pallets.

Same functionality

All pallets pass multilevel sorting and expert repair with professional equipment.

ECO thinking

the use of used pallets annually saves hundreds of thousands of trees around the world.

Always in stock

Order the pallets and we will deliver them within 24 hours because all standard types and sizes of pallets are always in stock.


600x800 pallets for small loads or as a display pallets for retail. These pallets are intended for both manual loading (manual pallet jack), and for loading by using automatic equipment (forklift truck).

Used standard 1 time use wooden pallets 600х800 carrying capacity 800kg weight 12 kg and qt/pack 29 pc (qt of pallets in van 1,400 pc)
Size: 600x800 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Capacity: 400 kg
Quantity in a stack: 25 pcs
Quantity in a truck: 400 pcs


We have our own trucks for accurate and on-time deliveries, as well as clearing warehouses of broken or unneeded pallets of our customers.

On-time delivery is a distinctive advantage of the company KRONUS. We transport pallets to all corners of the country, including the delivery of small parts for companies with a limited storage space.

Fast delivery - the Baltic states

Purchase of pallets

Our company purchases unbroken and broken used wooden pallets. Well managed logistic system allows us to provide fast collection of unneeded wooden packaging by our transport throughout the Baltic states. Contact us to know more about cooperation options.

Repair of pallets

All pallets are subject to careful sorting and repair.

Reconditioned pallets - an enviromently friendly approach to the preservation of natural resources both from our side, and from the side of consumers of used pallets.


Most often, the companies are confronted with the problem of unmarked wooden packaging and further recycling of wooden packaging when importing products from third world countries into the European Union. In cooperation with Latvijas Zaļais Punkts, Latvijas Zaļais Elektrons and Valsts Augu Aizsardzibas Dienests KRONUS ensures wooden packaging utilization.

Fumigation and heat treatment.

When sending goods to third world countries the consignee of the cargo requires heat treatment or fumigation (active combustion/thermal treatment) to be performed. Since the fumigation of pallets in the Europen Union is prohibited, KRONUS offers heat treatment services. After pallet treatment, we provide our customers with a set of all the necessary documents for sending goods to third world countries.

Fumigation and heat treatment of  pallets - the  Baltic states
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