SIA KRONUS, the leading manufacturer of pallets and pallet collars in the Baltic states, has invested more than EUR 3.3 million in the creation of a new manufacturing site and the installation of a new sorting line.

The creation of the new manufacturing site and the installation of the equipment took KRONUS a little more than two years and was implemented with co-financing from European Union Funds.

The experimental sorting line installed at KRONUS can rightfully be considered to be exclusive: several equipment manufacturers have joined together to create it, including a famous German company, Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. The equipment is designed for sorting sawn timber.

Kronus Production line Picture

The new sorting line is a target investment project that will make it possible to more accurately manage the quality of the resulting material portfolio and to achieve the more uniform quality of final products.

The new equipment makes it possible to evaluate the visual parameters of raw materials and their quality. Unlike standard sorting systems, the KRONUS equipment controls the humidity rate of a blank by scanning finished boards, checking them for both external and internal defects and preventing the risk of putting low-quality material into production. In addition, the new manufacturing line makes it possible to automatically sort the resulting boards. The planned average production capacity of the new manufacturing line is 90,000 blanks per day, or 6,500 m3 per month.

Kronus Production Image 4

In addition to the experimental sorting line, a painting area will be located in the new workshop. The premises of the new workshop comply with stringent environmental requirements.

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Kronus Production Line image