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Sustainability – a key to cost-efficiency

Wooden pallet collars contribute to sustainability, reducing the need for single-use packaging materials and allowing for recycling or repurposing at the end of their life cycle, minimizing environmental impact. Repairing and maintaining pallet collars enhances their longevity, further supporting sustainable practices in material use.

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Reusable pallet collars

The possibility of replacing individual parts of the collar makes this type of packaging solution maintainable. Throughout their lifespan, pallet collars can be reused multiple times, especially if well-maintained and repaired. One pallet collar can be used for more than 10 years.


Repairable packaging

Repairing pallet collars involves assessing and cleaning the collars, addressing issues such as damaged wood or hinges, and replacing missing or loose nails or screws. Once repaired, pallet collars can be reused for storage, shipping, contributing to sustainability by extending their lifespan.


Recyclable solution

Wooden pallet collars are heat treated according to ISPM-15 standards and are not made from chemically processed wood, therefore, are more easily recyclable. Untreated wood can be chipped or shredded and used for various purposes, such as mulch, animal bedding, or biomass fuel. 

Let’s go green together!

Join us on this green path and revolutionize your packaging choices for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Contact KRONUS team and learn more about sustainable pallet collars.

Commitment to responsible sourcing

KRONUS is committed to sustainability goals, balancing economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. Our processes are internationally certified, so our clients can be sure they receive the products made of sustainably sourced materials


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Follow the green course

Explore our commitment to sustainability through the real example in our customer case study. Discover how our practices align with our client environmental requirements, showcasing the impact of the packaging on sustainability.


Not just words, but actions

Integrity is crucial in our relationships as partners, customers, and employers. As a responsible supplier, KRONUS provides only official contracts, trackable transactions, transparent costs and tax policy, international certification and compliance to quality standards.

Embrace sustainable solutions

By choosing sustainable wooden packaging, you can save costs, reduce environmental impact and a commit to a greener future. Contact us and learn more about pallet collars!