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What is a pallet collar?

A pallet collar, also known as pallet frames, is a type of reusable packaging and storage solution used in logistics and material handling. It is typically used in combination with a wooden pallet and lid to create a versatile and customizable container for transporting and storing goods.

Saving volume and space

When folded, unused standard size pallet collars occupy 7 times less volume versus their size when fully operational.

When assembled, pallet collars allow you to store safely up to 5 tons of goods per 1 square meter.


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Pallet Collars – secure and safe packaging

Safe transportation of goods on the road, multi-level storage, easy access to products at the warehouse, cost efficiency, and many other advantages make pallet collars the first choice for logistics experts and product manufacturers throughout Europe!


Reliable and highly durable

Designed even for fragile, heavy and even loose goods, pallet collars protect products against displacement and any damages (TÜV tested and certified).


Easy to handle and assemble

Pallet collars are stackable, lightweight and compatible with different accessories that ensure easy assembly and ergonomic handling by employees.


Customizable and brandable

We can easily brand your pallet collars with your company logo and colors, our engineers can develop custom solutions according to complex requirements.


and mobile

A pallet and a few pallet collars is all you need to create a rigid packaging to your desired height. This no-rack storage system is mobile and easy to install.

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