Podcast: The Impact of Wooden Packaging on Logistics Operations

Our colleagues had an excellent opportunity to participate in one of the leading logistics podcasts - "Does Logistics Matter?". In these podcast recordings, its creator, Martijn Graat, talks to specialists from different industries about everything that comes to logistics: supply chain, innovation and trends, sustainability, and of course, the importance of reliable packaging solutions.

Martijn: The first question in this podcast is always the same – Does logistics matter?


Julija: It absolutely matters! Imagine our world nowadays without logistics. It would just stop. Logistics drives modern society. If we didn’t have logistics, we would experience society’s collapse.

Our wooden packaging product manager Johan Thunberg and business development specialist Julija Stensgorda-Kristensena, contributed to this conversation. They have both had logistics experience and have been working in the packaging industry for a long time, which is also the backbone of the logistics chain.


In the conversation, participants discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different packaging and how they fit into logistics and warehouse optimization. An important aspect is the material from which the packaging is made, whether it can be reproduced, and its environmental impact.

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Martijn: Do you see a preference for certain types of packaging differing per industry?


Johan: The heavy industry goes more and more towards wooden packaging. Before, they had steel solutions, but as you know, steel is getting more expensive. Also, companies go forward with sustainability. They want to leave as little carbon footprint as possible!

In the podcast, our packaging experts explain more about our packaging solutions – pallets and pallet collars, and how they can be customized for individual customer and industry requirements.


Wooden packaging is strictly regulated and must meet certain quality and security standards. Our colleagues went through the basic process of placing a request to KRONUS in order for the right packaging solution to be offered. Customers are one of KRONUS’ core values, and we strive to deliver a product that meets our client’s expectations. We carefully work with feedback received and constantly look for ways to improve our products.

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Martijn: What’s the benefit of investment in wooden packaging?


Julija: In the long run, wooden packaging is cheaper than cardboard, for example, because it’s returnable, and you can always repair it. So, this packaging can reach a life cycle of up to 10 years. It is an investment in the beginning, but it pays off at the end of the day.”