We produce pallets of various loading capacity in all standard sizes. There are always products in stock, and they are ready for shipment. We offer new wooden One-Way or disposable pallets in standard sizes 600x800, 800x1200, 1000x1200 as well as in other sizes and other variants of loading capacity or quality. Both hardwood and softwood is used for production.

  • 600x800
  • 800x1200
  • 1000x1200
  • 400 kg
  • 800 kg
  • 1200 kg


One-Way pallets are the most popular solution for moving and storing goods. Designed for loading using both manual (pallet jack) and automatic loading equipment (electric car).



600×800×117 mm

800×1200×117 mm

1000×1200×117 mm

Weight: 8.5 kg 13.2 kg 15.7 kg
Load capacity: 400 kg 400 kg 400 kg


Order One-Way pallets, and we will deliver them within 3 days. We keep all standard pallet types in stock.   

KRONUS has a high-tech 3D quality control system that uses scanning and laser diagnostics to detect defects and assess the quality of material.

Inspecting products at all stages of production starting from the purchase of raw materials and ending with the shipment of the finished product to customers, we guarantee the consistent quality of wooden packaging. Each incoming order is identified by a purchase order number. Upon receipt, all material is checked for compliance with quality according to a set of criteria such as dimensions, humidity rate, tolerances, etc. The material is then subjected to further quality control procedures.

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


Ziegelteich 25, Kiel,
24103, Deutschland
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Daugulu iela 19, Ulbroka,
Stopinu novads, LV-2130, Latvija
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Motoru g. 3, Vilnius,
LT-02190, Lietuva
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