When creating convenient and reliable packaging solutions for the transportation and storage of goods, we think over many details that are important for our customers: from the amount of packaging and labelling to turnover and saving resources. Here are six reasons to choose our packaging solutions and services.

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1. Delivery time

KRONUS’ production facilities, the availability of finished products in the company’s warehouses in different regions (Europe, China), and an established supply network allow us to deliver the packaging solutions customers need in any required amount and at the scheduled time.

2. Product safety

KRONUS packaging solutions allow you to protect the product from all kinds of damage during its transportation and storage. Thanks to the quality control system in place at the enterprise, starting from the moment the raw materials are received and ending with the delivery of the finished packaging solution to the client, we ensure a consistently high product quality.

3. Unified standard

We offer packaging solutions that meet the standards of the European Union. Our packaging is accepted for use in the countries of Asia as well: goods being transported from Asia to Europe are delivered to the customer in compliance with the required packaging standard.

4. Amounts and options

We offer palletspallet collars, and accessories: distancers, corners, lids, label holders, and ribbons necessary for the effective and safe packaging of any kinds of goods. KRONUS’ production capacities and the availability of finished and used products in warehouses allow the company to meet the needs of customers.

5. Packaging turnover

Professional management of reusable packaging, cost minimisation, the choice of reusable packaging, and care for nature: all of these aspects are the key to a successful business. We offer the service of buying back and recycling used packaging.

6. Resource saving

Wooden packaging solutions help save money, as they can be reused. The life of a wooden packaging solution (a pallet collar) is 5-10 years.


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With more than twenty years in the market of wooden packaging, KRONUS has become a real expert in its field. Our accumulated experience and knowledge, our desire to improve and introduce new technologies, our ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, and our ability to hear our clients allow us to create wooden packaging which is most suitable for our clients’ needs: pallet collars and pallets, including custom ones.