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First step: Checkout

A European company sends KRONUS an order to produce packaging.

The extent of the saving due to the use of reusable packaging reaches 50%
10 years
The life cycle of the packaging reaches 10 years
230 cycles
High-quality packaging can be used multiple times

Reasons for using the service

Using our services, you can substantially save not only on the cost of the packaging itself, but also on a number of additional resources that may also have an impact on reducing the cost of your workflow.

Saving space in the warehouse
The fact that there is no need to store empty packaging will
save up to 87%
of space in the warehouse.
Repairs are not needed
Unlike wooden boxes, pallet collars have high maintainability and are easily replaced.
Quality of used products
Regarding the quality criteria, used
wooden packaging does not differ
from new packaging.
Labour cost reduction
The convenience of use of pallet collars will help you to significantly reduce the workload of employees.
Disposal is no longer required
You do not need to worry about disposing of packaging that is no longer needed: KRONUS will do it for you!
Stable partner
Thanks to our production capacity, we always provide the highest quality products on time.

Who are pallet collars suitable for?

Suitable for various industries, pallet collars are the perfect solution for transporting and storing products of any type and size.

  • Metalworking
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Mediators
  • Gardening and display packaging
  • Logistics


The multifunctionality of pallet collars allows you to transport both large loads and small goods, which usually requires special packaging. Our solutions are successfully applied in various industries, for example, in metalworking.

Suitable for the transportation of parts and large items

Wooden pallet collars are ideal for transporting oversize loads that need extra protection. Ranging from individual parts to finished industrial devices.

Solution for the automotive industry

There are representatives of the automotive industry among our clients. We offer complete solutions for the transportation and storage of cargo of various sizes.

Multifunctional solution for the packaging industry

We cooperate with other packaging companies, offering high-quality packaging solutions developed by us, which have a number of advantages including the availability of size options, accessories related to segmentation, labelling and additional protection.

Non-standard uses

In addition to the classical method of their use for cargo storage and transportation, pallet collars are widely used for garden design (for creating flower and vegetable beds) as well as for point-of-sale design.

Best solution for cargo transportation

Logistics companies are increasingly opting for pallet collars, since this type of packaging allows them to save a lot of space in the warehouse and fills up the cargo transport to the fullest extent when transporting products.

Optimal packaging solutions

Get acquainted with the KRONUS product range in the catalogue and select the appropriate packaging for your product. Our consultants will offer you the best solution based on the quality requirements and your budget!


KRONUS pallet collars have been used by customers from different industries. Our range includes more than 700 variants of specifications of wooden packaging solutions.


The largest pallet manufacturer offers solutions for transporting goods for any purpose. We offer both new and used pallets of all popular models.

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


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