Choosing the right packaging solution is not only about your products. You want to choose packaging solution that is right for your product but it also has to be right for your company.

Your packaging has to serve a few different purposes. It has to be able to protect your products and it has to also represent your company, it can be a balancing act.

Most companies give plenty of thought to things like logo and product quality but do not spend enough time thinking about their packaging, which is odd since packaging is the very first thing customers and other businesses notice about your business.

It is important to choose perfect packaging to represent your business and your product. We put together some tips to help you navigate the packaging options and choose one that will suit you, your business and your product line perfectly.

The goal is to always choose packaging that is going to reduce risk to your product so that it can be delivered in pristine condition and to avoid unauthorized access to your goods. Proper packaging plays a vital role in the success of your business and it is something that deserves serious consideration.

Consider what message you want to send about your company when you are considering your packaging options. Do you want to be perceived as an organization that takes its environmental responsibilities serious? Than you should be considering reusable packaging that is sourced from sustainable materials. 

Most companies would agree that they want to send the message that they are serious about their product and that their product warrants the right packaging. Giving some thought to your packaging will result in:

  • Ease of transport
  • Ease of storage
  • Easy regulatory compliance
  • Be cost effective
  • Reduce waste

Product packaging can help to ensure that your products are easily transportable, that they can be easily stored in the warehouse and that they meet regulatory compliance. Of course most importantly they will be a cost effective option.


The first thing that you should know about packaging is that wasted space is wasted money. If you are wasting space in your packaging options, you are wasting your money. A good fit is a must. The ideal packaging is packaging that can be adjusted as you need.

There are not a one size fits all packaging option because you never know how much or how little of something you will have to be able to accommodate so adjustable options make the most sense.


Before we even get to the tips another “rule” of packaging is ensuring that you are following the regulations not only for the country of origin but for the country that is going to receive that goods. Not following regulations can leave you in a very bad situation.

Make sure that the shipping and packaging department is aware of any regulatory compliance. Missing out on the regulatory compliance can mean expensive delays and repackaging expenses.

Pallet Collar Image

You have to consider the needs of the product when you are considering packaging options. Having your products stored, shipped and delivered safely with the lowest risk possible has to be in the forefront of your decision making when it comes to packaging.


Every mode of transport has a different set of hazards to navigate. Shrink wraps and other less than sturdy options may not be sufficient.

Consider wooden pallets with fitted collars as an option to avoid any “packaging surprises” during transport.

In some cases, where packaging has to endure a trip through customs flimsy or less stable packaging may not be the best option. Knowing in advance if the product is susceptible to inspection can help you to choose the right option.


Choosing an option that will keep the profile low is always a better option. Pallets and pallet collars offer a customizable profile which can be helpful for both storage and shipping purposes. Reducing the packaging profile can be a less expensive way to ship freight.

In cases of heavy freight, it is charged by weight. In cases of lighter freight, it is charged per the size of the shipping container. Packaging using a lower profile can result in pretty substantial shipping savings for lighter items.

Whether your products are heavy or light a low profile option (adjustable like pallet collars and pallets is better) will help to ensure that you are using your packaging to its maximum ability. They are easier to stack, store and ship as well.


With a committed supply chain partnership, you can choose reusable options which are cost saving and a much more positive way to package. The perception of the public alone is reason enough to consider reusable packaging options but there are many clear benefits to choosing this option. Reusable packaging meets most all regulatory requirements and also is kinder to the environment.


EPR (extended producer responsibility) responsibilities vary but you may be responsible for the entire lifecycle of your product and its packaging in certain countries. Understand who you are doing business with before you make packaging decisions. It will help to save on costly delays and costly repackaging.


Finally, if you are struggling with the options and you want to be able to make an informed decision reach out to an expert that can provide you with guidance. Packaging and logistics are both a very important part of the success of your business have the right solution can really enhance how your operation works.

If you are in doubt about your current packaging or you need help selecting new packaging, ask for expert help. It will absolutely benefit your business to do so. Getting expert advice can help you to make the right choice. Making an informed decision is easy when you have all the options presented by an expert.