Packaging solutions for the transportation of goods

As a result of constant changes and the improvement of quality standards, logistics companies have to constantly find new solutions to ensure the protection of cargo upon delivery. Undoubtedly, one of the factors that directly affect the protection of cargo is packaging. Our complete solutions enable reliable and safe transportation on the most difficult routes.

Who this solution is suitable for

We offer both standard and custom packaging solutions suitable for different carriers.

  • Maritime, rail and land transportation companies
  • Courier services
  • Companies providing repackaging and storage services


Why our clients choose us

Our packaging solutions can improve your business.    

  • Protecting cargo from unauthorised access
  • Protection of cargo against damage and dust
  • Compliance with standards in relation to storage and transportation in the EU and Asia
  • Saving space due to multi-level storage during warehousing and transportation
  • Saving up to 87% space when storing empty packaging
  • Replacing racks (loading up to 4 floors)
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Fast delivery of any quantity to any place
  • High resale value
  • Branding options

Packaging solutions for all types of transportation

We have developed the most optimal packaging solutions that guarantee the safety of the goods on the way, whether it is land or maritime transportation as well as its safety and security when stored in a warehouse. Our products comply with European standards and are accepted by Asian manufacturers. Therefore, the cargo packed using our wooden packaging does not require repackaging on the way.

High quality

The protection of the cargo on its way largely depends on the packaging solution chosen. Our packaging complies with international quality standards, proving its durability and reliability again and again.

A solution related to collars allows one to LOAD PRODUCTS IN SEVERAL LEVELS

We have developed the most optimal packaging solutions that guarantee the safety of the goods during their storage and transportation, whether it is by land or sea. The use of pallet collars allows you to place products on two tiers, saving space and resources. In addition, our products comply with European standards and are accepted by Asian manufacturers, and, therefore, they do not require repackaging during the transit and storage of the cargo.


Your RELIABLE partner in the world of packaging

KRONUS values very clients needs. Using the experience and knowledge accumulated over years of work, we strive to offer solutions that are most suitable to meet the needs of our clients.

Best solutions
Our packaging solutions can ensure the safety and reliability of various goods.
Cost optimisation
Our packaging solutions help customers optimise packaging, transportation and storage costs.
Stable partner
Thanks to our production capacity, we always ensure the delivery of the highest-quality products on time.
Packaging buy back option
Our customers have the opportunity to sell unwanted packaging back to us.
Environmentally friendly activities
We adhere to principles based on environmental protection.
Reliable deliveries
We guarantee timely deliveries of the quantities required by the client to any part of the world.

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


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