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Pallet collars have become an effective substitute for rigid crating, wooden boxes and containers of various types. They are the ideal solution for transportation and storage of valuable, fragile, or breakable products of all kinds. This type of packaging provides product protection and increased storage capacity, and is an environmentally friendly packaging that will last for up to 10 years.


To ensure that your cargo is properly protected during transportation and storage, KRONUS offers both standard and non-standard sized pallet collars, with customizable side lengths from 300 – 3500 mm and heights from 100 – 400 mm.

  • 600 х 800
  • 800 х 1200
  • 1000 х 1200
  • Custom size


We offer complex engineering of pallets, pallet collars, and lids according to the your specifications, without a negative effect on product quality and durability. Additionally, we constantly develop our product portfolio and are able to provide our customers with custom-made products, that ensure extra protection of your valuable cargo.


To help you more easily identify, track, and control goods in the warehouse and while transportation – we offer to paint the pallet collar parts and stamp on your company’s LOGO. Different color options available by request.

Hinge color:

Box color:


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Advantages of using pallet collars

Trustworthy solution for your items during the storage and delivery. Product that combines simplicity, sustainability and cost optimization.

Space optimization

Pallet Collars Capacity Picture Compact solution

Folded pallet collars are the most compact type of wooden packaging, saving 87% of space when storing and transporting empty packaging.

Reusable packaging

Picture 6 Use for up to 10 years

The possibility of replacing individual parts of the collar makes this type of packaging solution maintainable. One pallet collar can be used more than 10 years.

Protection during transportation

Pallet Collars Protection Picture Safe packaging

Wooden packaging consisting of a pallet collar, a pallet, and a lid can withstand high loads (more than 6 tons). It ensures the protection and security of the cargo.

Unique warehouse solution

Pallet Collars Multilevel Stacking Picture Multi-level storage

Pallet collars combined with accessories create a multi-level storage systems in the warehouse. Other accessories make it easy to access and mark items.

Production accuracy

Pallet Collars Production Picture High quality

We guarantee consistently high product quality from batch to batch thanks to automatic sorting, cross-cutting and assembly lines.

Nature friendly product

Pallet Collars Picture Sustainable packaging

We guarantee consistently high product quality from batch to batch thanks to automatic sorting, cross-cutting and assembly lines.


Wooden pallets

Pallets are a stable base for transporting products and a safe solution for long-term storage. KRONUS offers – EPAL, one-way, customised – pallets in standard sizes as well as developed for individual solutions that are appropriate for your product. We guarantee constant product quality!


Pursuing the goal to improve the functionality of the packaging and the reliability of the cargo during its transportation and storage, we offer different accessories, that can be combined with wooden packaging.


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