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1. The Seller warrants and guarantees that the goods will be in accordance with the specifications given and agreed upon with the Buyer.


2. The Buyer shall conduct a general inspection of the goods immediately after delivery. When the consignee (customer) receives the cargo at the place of unloading, the consignee must carry out a visual evaluation of the products before unloading the cargo:


2.1. If this check reveals external damage to the product which may have occurred during transport, the consignee must mark the CMR and, or documents accompanying the shipment and make a photo fixation on the damaged product immediately after detection (best if the photos are from the unloading process, truck);


2.2. After unloading, the consignee must carry out a more detailed assessment of the products and make a detailed photo fixation.


When such non-conformities are discovered and cannot be detected by a proper inspection after unloading the truck, the Buyer has the right to notify the Seller of any non-conformities. The Seller retains the right to reject non-conformities if the seller is not liable for non-conformity. Upon receiving such notice, the Seller should provide the best possible solution to the Buyer, considering the interests of both parties.


For VISIBLE DEFECTS, information must be provided within 2 working days from the date of delivery. For LATENT DEFECTS, information must be provided within 2 working days from the moment of detection.

  • Visible defects are those that can be discovered after a proper inspection right after the delivery of the goods.
  • Latent defects are defects that could not be detected with careful inspection after delivery and are only discovered when the products are in use.

After 3 months, the seller has the right to refuse a claim without further explanation.


3. In the case of non-conformance, the Buyer must promptly inform the Seller’s designated contact person in writing and provide the following information:

  • Order confirmation number
  • Total quantity of delivered goods and quantity of affected goods
  • Date of delivery
  • Description of non-conformance
  • At least 2 photos of each defect: one close-up of the defect and one of the whole package, showing the producer’s IPPC stamp and the date.


4. The Buyer must ensure that wooden products are stored in accordance with best practices for wood handling. Fresh (non-kiln-dried) wood should not be kept indoors without proper air ventilation. All wood should be stored under a roof to protect it from rain and other sources of moisture.


5. Wooden packaging products should be stored indoors with proper ventilation or outdoors under a roof. Kiln-dried wooden packaging products can be stored outdoors with protective waterproof materials provided by Kronus (tarpaulin, polyethylene film, etc.). The humidity in storage areas should not exceed 75%. Climate conditions directly affect the quality of wooden packaging for future use.


6. The Seller does not recommend storing products with outdoor packaging for longer than 1 month. Claims regarding humidity and mold shall be accepted by the Seller if proper storage for the delivered products was ensured as described in clause 4:

a. For kiln-dried products – within 1 (one) month after delivery.

b. For non-kiln-dried products – within 1 (one) week after delivery.


7. The Seller reserves the right to request information about the storage conditions of the delivered products with objective evidence (photos, humidity readings, thermometers). The Buyer should provide such information to the Seller within 2 working days.


8. Both parties understand that Heat Treatment according to ISPM15 is not equivalent to kiln drying, and heat-treated products can have moisture content over 30%.