Pallet Collar Lids Picture


Lids provide your cargo with security, cleanliness, protection, easy storage opportunities, stacked placement, quick and convenient access to your products. An excellent way to protect your goods from external environmental influences. It is also possible to use the lids as a packaging base on top of the pallet.

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Dividers is a suitable solution for separating goods. Create various numbers of sections based on your needs and protect small loads from tilting. The dividers can also be used afterwards to arrange the products in the store, creating an aesthetic visual layout.

Pallet Collars Accessories Picture

Plastic corners

Plastic corners provide the opportunity to place wooden packaging on several levels. At the same time the risk of displacement and falling due to multi-level storage and transportation is reduced. Secure your packaging solution with plastic corners!



Use doors for more convenient access to your products placed in wooden packaging, and to simply check the content of the package. An easy-to-open system that will facilitate your work in the warehouse, especially if you create multi-level storage.

Pallet Collars Accessories Picture


The distancers allow you to assemble a mobile racking system in a matter of seconds, providing easy and fast access to products. This solution can be used for different sizes of wooden packaging, and it can also be used together with other products offered by KRONUS.

Pallet Collars Accessories Picture

Label holders

Identify your packaging content anytime. Use labels to mark the cargo; this will facilitate the work during transportation and storage in the warehouse. KRONUS offers three different types of label holders so that everyone can find the one that suits their packaging the best.


Product protection

Combining accessories will protect your items during transportation and storage.


Convenient access

Provides easy access to cargo at any time, is an ergonomic solution for employees.


Multi-level storage

Use accessories and wooden packaging to save space in your warehouse.