EPAL Pallet Picture

EPAL pallets

KRONUS is a certified manufacturer of new wooden euro pallets (EPAL) and also has a licence for the repair of used euro pallets. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to provide our customers with large quantities of standard-quality products within a short period of time.

One-way pallet 600x800-400kg Picture

New one-way pallets

We produce pallets of various loading capacity in all standard sizes. There are always products in stock, and they are ready for shipment. We offer new wooden One-Way or disposable pallets as standard. Both hardwood and softwood are used for production. Designed for loading using both manual (pallet jack) and automatic loading equipment (electric car).

Wooden Pallet 1000x1200-800kg Picture

Customised / non-standard pallets

KRONUS offers the production of pallets of any complexity and of various designs, depending on the specifics of the cargo, their storage and transportation. Pallets are made from various materials: plank, beam, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), pressed cubes.


Chemical pallets

Discover our extensive array of new wooden pallets meticulously designed to meet the stringent criteria and specifications established by the chemical industry. Referred to as CP pallets (Chemical Pallets), our collection comprises nine fully standardized models, from CP1 to CP9, all readily available for purchase. Whether you are seeking robust pallet solutions for storage, transportation, or other industrial applications, our CP pallets deliver unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety throughout your operations.

Lid-On-White (00000)

Pallet Lids

Wooden pallet lid – a resilient and durable cover meticulously crafted to safeguard your goods against external elements such as dust, dirt, and mechanical damage. Harnessing the innate properties of wood, our lids also provide a level of protection against moisture while enhancing the overall stability of your pallet stack. Experience peace of mind knowing your cargo is shielded with our high-quality pallet lids.



We offer over 820 different specifications of pallets. We can produce more than 150 thousand pallets per month.



In our warehouses we always have a stock of products for prompt shipment. Our warehouses are located all over the world.



We have obtained all the necessary certificates – production process and finished products comply with international standards.



We guarantee consistently high product quality from batch to batch. Automated equipment allows us to achieve the highest quality.