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We offer to buy back the packaging – that is, the repurchase of used packaging – to customers who purchase our packaging solution, but do not need to continue using it. So, the client can get back part of the money paid previously for the packaging, free up space in the warehouse and get rid of their worries associated with the disposal of used packaging.

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We take care of your wooden packaging at all stages of its use! We ensure high-quality manufacturing, timely delivery, return of packaging, repair of broken packaging and waste removal. This service allows the customer to save in the long term and use wooden packaging for up to 10 years without worrying about its movement cycle.


Resource economy

The services offered will free up space in the warehouse and save money.


Ecological solution

Packaging will last longer and you will not have to worry about disposal.


Adapted to needs

Service solutions that suit every company and member of the supply chain.


Worldwide delivery solutions

KRONUS provides clients with a range of services regarding the selection of the most optimal packaging solution for their goods, transportation and packaging turnover. We think over the logistics of the packaging solution, which is necessary for the client, down to the smallest detail.

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