Practical solution for pallet collars

Lids made of plywood, OSB, HDF, LDF or wood provide security, cleanliness, protection, easy storage, stacked placement, quick and convenient access to the product or, vice versa, its restriction. The standard dimensions for the sides are 600/800/1000/1200 mm. In addition, we offer to manufacture lids of any size according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Plywood
  • OSB
  • KSP
  • HDF
  • Wood
We ensure special reliability and protection against displacement
We produce lids for collars of all sizes
We offer lids, which are 3 to 18 mm thick
We brand lids with your logo

Lids of standard sizes and custom lids

We manufacture lids for pallet collars of standard sizes as well as lids according to individual customer requirements. Our specialist will help you to choose the solution that suits your needs!

  • Sizes: from 300 to 3500 mm
  • Thickness: from 3 to 18 mm

Processing lids

Depending on your budget and technical requirements, we will offer you and manufacture the lids for pallet collars.

  • 5 types of material: plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), KSP, HDF plates, and wood
  • Processing of corners, installation of internal rails and metal corners

Thickness of lids for the right solution to any task

We offer the manufacture of lids of any thickness and load capacity, depending on their application and the required load.

Minimum thickness
3 MM
Maximum thickness
18 MM

Branding of lids

We offer options for personalisation (branding) of lids.

  • Full painting of the lid in your colour
  • Application of the logo on the lid

Supporters for pallets

Use lids as supporters for pallets inside pallet collars. Supporters are a great way to save on the manufacture of non-standard pallets with a solid bottom in order to avoid the loss of small goods or to limit the ingress of dust.

  • For economy purposes, we will offer the optimal thickness
  • We will advise you on the solution for the type of supporter
Product protection
As they close the box, the lids ensure the cleanliness and safety of products.
Convenient access
Lids are easily removed, providing convenient access to products.
Multi-tiered storage
Multi-tiered storage ensures high durability and reliability.

Using lids for collars

Watch the video and find out more about the use of lids for pallet collars!

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


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