Worldwide delivery of packaging within 14 days

The advantageous geographical position of Latvia as well as the availability of a network of warehouses allow for delivery to anywhere in the world, by any mode of transport, with significant savings on logistics services. Trust the transportation structure developed by us, which allows us to deliver within the shortest possible time!

Countries to which we regularly ship our products
Monthly shipments
Days needed to ship to anywhere in Europe and Asia

Partial delivery

If you need a small batch and you are in close proximity to one of our warehouses or your company is located on the route of our logistics chain, we are able to carry out your order on advantageous terms.

Contact us and leave a request
A specialist will call you back for clarification
We will send you a contract and a proposal
Your cargo will be on its way to you on the next trip


Combined supply is another advantage and an indicator of KRONUS’ client service excellence. The possibility to combine different types of packaging during one and the same transportation process means not only additional comfort, but also, above all, optimisation of your resources, since the cost of such delivery is equal to transportation using one type of packaging.


New and used pallets
Pallet collars
Other accessories

Multi-address delivery

The priority for KRONUS is offering such solutions that help save the client’s main resources, money and time! The possibility of unloading in several places (when delivering to multiple addresses) reduces the client’s transportation expenses. For example, when a KRONUS client orders pallet cargo or combined cargo, a part of the cargo may be brought to the production site and the other part may be unloaded at the warehouse

We produce items according to your order
We ship a part at point A
We deliver the rest to point B

Delivery in Asia, from two weeks

Finished products stock IN ASIA

Do you have a supplier from Asia? Now you can provide them with quality wooden packaging within 14 days directly in Asia.


Pallet collars are the most popular KRONUS product used by customers from different industries. The company produces more than 6 million pallet collars annually.


We offer a wide range of pallets  in standard sizes as well as of wooden packaging made to order according to the customer’s requirements.


Among our clients, there are companies of various sizes and fields of activity. We have something to offer each client regardless of the industry they represent. Not sure where to start? Ask us a question!

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


Ziegelteich 25, Kiel,
24103, Deutschland
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Daugulu iela 19, Ulbroka,
Stopinu novads, LV-2130, Latvija
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1193 Changning Road #22
Shanghai, China
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