Packaging solutions for the metalworking industry

For many industries, metalworking is fundamental: the demand for raw materials and finished parts made from different metals and alloys is constantly growing. Nowadays, the sectors associated with metalworking are rapidly developing and gaining great momentum. The variety of products manufactured within this industry requires comprehensive, wear-resistant and reliable packaging solutions. Our packaging allows us to provide convenient and safe storage and transportation of metal products, regardless of their size and weight. 


Who this solution is suitable for

Our product range includes standard packaging solutions and packaging made according to individual customer requirements.

  • Manufacturers of raw materials   
  • Manufacturers of metalworking equipment    
  • Manufacturers of metal products and structures
  • Carriers of raw materials, parts and finished products   
  • Distributors of metal products 



Why our clients choose us

Our customers are convinced in practice that load-resistant and reliable packaging solutions increase workflow efficiency. 

  • Heavy load resistance (up to 4500 kg)
  • Effective use of space
  • Compliance  with the standards in relation to trade and transportation that are in force between EU countries and Asia
  • High value of packaging for further resale
  • Convenience and ease of use 
  • Product availability worldwide
  • Saving resources: returnable compact packaging
  • Protection of cargo against damage 
  • High level of customisation and quick delivery

Packaging solutions for every business

Our experience shows that packaging solutions developed by us will be able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in the metalworking industry.

Quality assurance

Our packaging solutions meet high international quality standards and are able to withstand high loads (up to 4000 kg), which is especially important in areas such as metalworking.

Reuse and resale

Thanks to the materials and their high quality, our products can be used many times as well as they are suitable for resale. This is a significant factor that allows companies to save money.

Your RELIABLE partner in the world of packaging

KRONUS values very clients needs. Using the experience and knowledge accumulated over years of work, we strive to offer solutions that are most suitable to meet the needs of our clients.

Best solutions
Our packaging solutions can ensure the safety and reliability of various goods.
Cost optimisation
Our packaging solutions help customers optimise packaging, transportation and storage costs.
Stable partner
Thanks to our production capacity, we always ensure the delivery of the highest-quality products on time.
Packaging buy back option
Our customers have the opportunity to sell unwanted packaging back to us.
Environmentally friendly activities
We adhere to principles based on environmental protection.
Reliable deliveries
We guarantee timely deliveries of the quantities required by the client to any part of the world.

FACILITIES Close to the manufacturer

Thanks to a wide network of warehouses in Europe and Asia, our customers can receive standard types of products within 14 days.

Contact information

Should you have any questions, contact us at your language or request a meeting with our customer service.


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24103, Deutschland
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Stopinu novads, LV-2130, Latvija
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1193 Changning Road #22
Shanghai, China
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