Ideal shape. Nice colour. A smooth surface that attracts the eye and makes you want to touch it. KRONUS wooden packaging (this applies to both pallets and pallet collars) is just like this. Our packaging solutions, which are designed to ensure the safety of goods during their delivery and warehousing or used as “display cases” for displaying goods in the sales area, are so nice that they could be presented as exhibits in a museum.

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KRONUS packaging solutions are used in various industries; however, they are most in demand for products of industries such as metalworking and mechanical engineering, as well as for products of the automotive industry.



For many industries, metalworking is fundamental: the demand for raw materials and finished parts made from different metals and alloys is constantly growing.

Nowadays, the sectors associated with metalworking are rapidly developing and gaining great momentum. The variety of products manufactured within this industry requires comprehensive, wear-resistant and reliable packaging solutions. 

Our packaging solutions are designed for storing and transporting cargo of various sizes, and they withstand heavy loads of heavy metal products. Pallets and pallet collars allow us to provide the convenient and safe storage and transportation of metal products, regardless of their size and weight. 

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Mechanical engineering


Nowadays, mechanical engineering is undergoing great changes: areas related to power engineering, electrical engineering, various types of nanotechnologies and interfaces between different sciences are rapidly developing.

In many areas, there is a transition from simple “heavy” machines to “smart” equipment, which requires less human involvement for working. The requirements for the quality of transportation and installation of such equipment as well as of parts for it are naturally increasing.

The complex packaging solutions we have created are able to protect technological equipment and general-purpose products during their transportation. Pallets and pallet collars with accessories ensure the protection and security of products during their transportation. 

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Automotive industry


The automotive industry is constantly evolving today, introducing new technologies and increasing sales; it is on the rise, undergoing technological changes. Thus, manufacturers of different fields are involved in creating one car. As a result, more than 400 component suppliers can participate in the assembly of one model. All of this leads to stricter standards, including stricter requirements in relation to the packaging and transportation of parts and entire products. To simplify logistics, more and more automakers are coming to a single packaging standard, thereby ensuring savings and the reliability of the entire supply chain.

Our packaging solutions protect the cargo under different transportation conditions. In addition, an important advantage of our packaging is wear resistance, which makes it possible to use packaging solutions many times.

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Other industries


We will find a solution for packaging products of any type. Comprehensive packaging solutions (pallets, pallet collars and accessories) will ensure the protection of products.

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In addition to using pallet collars for their intended purpose, they can be used for designing displays in order to present goods in a store or at an exhibition most advantageously.

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