Classic packaging solutions – wooden boxes – are turning into a thing of the past. They are being replaced by pallet collars, a modern solution that saves up to 87% of space during warehousing and transportation of empty packagin

Pallet Collars Capacity Picture

The advantages of wooden pallet collars in comparison with wooden and plywood boxes, as well as plastic boxes, are as follows: compactness when folded, suitability for transportation and storage of various types of cargo, ease of use. In addition, wooden pallet collars can be used repeatedly and can be recycled.


Folded pallet collars are the most compact type of wooden packaging, saving 87% of space, which is important both when warehousing and when transporting empty packaging. When folded, one pack of collars contains 108 units of product.

108 pallet collars = 29 wooden boxes


Like other types of wooden packaging, wooden pallet collars are a reusable packaging solution. If used properly, the life cycle of this type of packaging can reach ten years. At the same time, the undoubted advantage of the collar is maintainability, which means, the possibility to have individual parts replaced.


For its customers, KRONUS has developed a service involving purchasing used pallets and collars, which allows companies to save up to 32% of costs. Buy-And-Sell Back is an opportunity for European and Asian companies to return the used whole and/or broken unclaimed pallets and pallet collars, which are not used anymore, to the manufacturer, which helps to free up and optimise space in their warehouse and avoid the need to dispose of unnecessary packaging.


The use of pallet collars in warehouses facilitates the workers’ work. Due to the simplicity of design and ease of assembly, there is only one person, who is needed in order to assemble and install a box of pallet collars. In addition, the ability to adjust the height of the structure and the use of accessories ensure easy and convenient access to products during storage. For example, a warehouse worker does not need to bend over to get products lying on the bottom of the box: you just need to remove the “surplus” collars or to open the special door installed on the side of the collar.


The experience of KRONUS customers proves that pallet collars solve most of the tasks associated with cargo storage and transportation. In addition to this, structures including pallet collars are widely used to design point-of-sale displays and as a solution to improve flower and vegetable beds.